AMA: Jan Piotrowski, Des Martin and Brad Flora, Business Development at Brave — Apr. 10, 2019

Hello, I’m Jan!

Grew up outside NY and blindly came to California for college, assuming that all of the state was a beach (I’d never visited before) and everyone listened to the Beach Boys (my favorite band at the time). Neither turned out to be true. Became the only Stanford freshman (that year) to enroll in a Gregorian chanting seminar and seriously consider a career in chant (ever). Made the hard transition from Medieval Studies to Industrial Engineering and tearfully abandoned the aforementioned chanting aspirations. Graduated with some engineering credentials to my name…only to try my hand at media planning…and then investment banking…and then — proving I had no direction in life — VC. Met the Brave team while investing, loved the story, and joined a year ago.

At Brave, I mostly help chase, close, and build partnerships with publishers and tech platforms of all types. I play a lot in Excel and PowerPoint, but get antsy using them on a Mac. Gregorian Chanting was easier.

Hello, I’m Des!

Hailing from Dublin Ireland, but now living in London.

I guess I have always been somewhat entrepreneurial. When I was a kid I turned our back garden into an amusement park and charged all the local kids entrance. A seminal moment of my childhood was unwrapping a ZX Spectrum one Christmas. This started a love affair with technology and later a fascination with the Web. These days, I am excited to be part of a team that is building a more equitable web.

Before joining Brave my experience was mostly in digital marketing. I founded The Search Mill, a digital agency. I then went on to be the Head of Marketing for Qualtrics EMEA, CMO at nearForm and Marketing Director at Perkbox. I oversaw sizeable ad spend. This gave me a marketers perspective on privacy and digital advertising. The average web user would be shocked by how much of their personal data is available online.

My role at Brave is as a Director of Business Development for EMEA. At present, most of my time is spent developing partnerships with publishers in Europe and

meeting and growing the Brave and BAT community. Also helping to communicate the value of Brave and BAT to businesses and the mainstream.

Brad is on the business development team at Brave where he helps companies learn about Brave and build partnerships that put Brave in front of their customers. Prior to this he co-founded Perfect Audience, an ad retargeting platform for SaaS companies and online retailers acquired by Marin Software in 2014. Brad’s experience running a behavioral advertising company opened his eyes to how privacy-invasive much of the digital ad industry is. He believes Brave is one of the few startups actually able to and trying to make a dent in the surveillance economy. Brad is an active startup Angel Investor and lives in San Francisco with his wife and 5-month old son.

Read the full AMA here.

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