Upcoming Partner AMA with Lin Dai, Co-Founder & CEO of Hooch App and TAP Network: Monday, May 20th, 2019 @ 9:30-10:30am PT on r/BATProject

Hello, I’m Lin!

I’m Lin Dai, CEO, and Co-founder of TAP Network. I was born in Shanghai, China, and moved with my family to Arizona when I was 12 years old. My father was a quantum chemistry professor at ASU at the forefront of developing computational models and simulations using the Craig Super Computer, so naturally, I gravitated towards computer science at a young age.

I attended Carnegie Mellon University and studied both computer science and business, and launched my first company out of my dorm, the first ever social network for teens, 4 years before MySpace. At the same time I developed the first ever credited course on Web Publishing for Carnegie Mellon, and upon graduation, became the youngest adjunct professor at CMU teaching the course I’ve designed.

My company was taken public and gave me the opportunity to move to NY, the media and advertising capital of the world, where I spent time at MTV/Viacom, and was eventually recruited by Alloy Media + Marketing, the parent company of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. to build out the company’s digital business. We successfully built the largest young adult advertising network at the time, reaching over 100M audiences, and over $200M in revenue. After Alloy, wanting to get back into the startup environment, I was excited about the mobile video space and joined a Canadian startup Keek as its CMO, and grew its audience to 75M users worldwide. The company was taken public on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

I returned to NY 3 years ago looking to start a new venture. I was dismayed at the state of the digital advertising industry and how major internet giants were unfairly exploiting consumer data. Combining my personal passion for rewards (I’m a bit of a travel rewards nerd), I saw the opportunity to disrupt the space by envisioning a universal rewards program where consumers earn rewards for sharing their data with permission. Around the same time, I fell in love with blockchain technology and its potential to usher in a new internet where consumers take control of their own data. Today we’ve built a network where consumers can delegate permission to their purchase data securely in exchange for rewards from 250,000+ top merchants and brand partners around the world, in travel, dining, entertainment, and e-commerce. Today our technology powers rewards for some of the biggest companies in media, entertainment, and blockchain, and we are just getting started!

Ask me anything!

For more from Lin, Hooch & the TAP Network:

Hooch official website: https://hoochrewards.com/

TAP Network official website: https://www.tapcoin.net/

Breakdown of Hooch and Tap from SkrillaKing 📷 https://youtu.be/E-V4S-z1G3sp

Follow Lin Dai on Twitter: @linXdai

Follow Hooch on Twitter: @HoochApp

TAP Network Telegram: https://t.me/tapcoinofficial

Hooch/TAP on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TapcoinHooch

Official Brave blog post announcing Brave + TAP Network partnership: https://brave.com/brave-tap-blockchain/

The AMA will be held on r/BATProject, Monday, May 20th, 2019 from 9:30-10:30am Pacific time.

Please leave your questions for Lin in the comments of the official AMA thread, here:

Questions will be collected, vetted and posted by your host, u/CryptoJennie, while the event is live (with credit to the OP). Questions that come in on the day of as comments in the live AMA thread will be of second priority.

See you there!

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