BAT Community Weekly Update: 06/21/2019 to 06/27/2019 — Brave announces partnership with Yubico (Yubikey), Guest AMA with Taylor Monahan & Jordan Spence of MyCrypto, Brave improves ad-blocker performance by 69x w/ new Rust engine

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! Thank you to Dan Murphy for his contributions! 

PARTNERSHIP: Brave announces partnership with Yubico to offer Yubikey U2F support for Brave on iOS

We’re excited to partner with Yubico to bring YubiKey support to Brave for iOS. Yubico is the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys — devices which protect logins to online accounts from phishing, man-in-the-middle, and other threats of account takeover.

With Brave’s support for Yubico’s upcoming YubiKey 5Ci devices, with both a USB-C and Lightning connector on a single device, you will soon be able to use the same robust security key across multiple devices, including iPhones and iPads. This allows for the removal of less safe login methods and greatly reduces the risk of phishing on protected accounts, no matter what device you’re logging in from.

BLOG: Brave Improves Its Ad-Blocker Performance by 69x with New Engine Implementation in Rust

Brave Shields, which protect users’ privacy from trackers and ads, are one of the cornerstone components of the browser involved in handling every single web request made for loading a website. Since loading an average website involves 75 requests that need to be checked against tens of thousands of rules, it must also be efficient. Even though Brave’s ad-blocker was already implemented in heavily optimized C++ handling requests with sub-millisecond overhead, we found that we can further optimise it for a 69x average improvement. Starting today, this new implementation is available in our Dev channel and Nightly channel.

BLOG: A summary of the ICO report on RTB – and what happens next

Last week, the UK Information Commissioner (the “ICO”) published a thirty-page report on real-time bidding. The report confirms the issues raised in the original complaints of September 2018 by Dr Johnny Ryan of Brave, and in the UK, by Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group and by Dr Michael Veale, then of University College London, and in the additional evidence submitted by the complainants since then.

This was the second public gesture made by European data protection authority in response to the RTB complaints. Last month, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced a statutory investigation of Google DoubleClick’s suspected infringement of the GDPR.

HIGHLIGHTS: Ama with Taylor Monahan, Founder and CEO & Jordan Spence, CMO of MyCrypto

The most recent AMA took place on June 25th, and featured guests Taylor Monahan (Founder and CEO) and Jordan Spence (CMO) of MyCrypto. Taylor and Jordan fielded both pre-submitted and live questions from Redditors concerning a variety of topics, including MyCrypto’s experience with the Brave Ads platform as an advertiser, the exciting projects they’re currently working on, and the company’s long-term goals. The pair also addressed numerous questions from curious participants regarding the differences between MyCrypto and MyEtherWallet, which include a MyCrypto Desktop App for increased security, and a focus on supplying educational resources about crypto and how to manage it for anyone wishing to learn or get involved. 

Read the full post here:

WARNING: There are a number of airdrop scams going around. Be advised that there is NO BAT AIRDROP. Please be vigilant and wary of scams. Do not send funds, reveal your private key, or give your personal information to any person or entity you are unfamiliar with.

Stay safe, everybody!

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Brian Turner on YouTube

My name is Brian Turner and I’m an 9 year natural vegan bodybuilder who’s here to relate, teach a bit and have fun with you guys through my videos! 

I live in San Diego, California and was born on September 23, 1992!

I’m here to teach you from all that I’ve learned from being a bodybuilder and lifting (with leg day days) for over 9+ years, as well as being certified for 4+ years.  No BS here just straight knowledge from myself to you, feel free to ask questions you’d like me to make videos to!

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AndyGM en Berlín [ES]

¡Hola y bienvenidos a mi canal! Me llamo Andy, soy una estudiante española pero vivo y estudio en Berlín, Alemania.

En este canal encontraréis información a tener en cuenta si estáis pensando en estudiar/vivir en Alemania, tips desde mi experiencia personal y, por supuesto, vídeos de repaso de alemán 🙂 Además de vídeos de viajes y puntos interesantes de Alemania y Europa en general.

Llevo mi canal sola, desde la concepción de vídeos, pasando por la grabación y el proceso de edición. Hablo español, inglés y alemán.

Me hará muy feliz que te quedes por mi canal y me acompañes en cada nuevo vídeo. Nos vemos por aquí 🙂

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Client Updates

Desktop Dev Channel v0.68.84

Desktop Beta Channel v0.67.95

Android Client V1.0.99

Release notes:

  • Upgraded to Chromium 75.0.3770.101 (#1741).
  • Redesign and relocate forward button (#911, #1748).
  • Removing “Set as default browser” from the settings menu (#1495).

Brave Team Tweets

Did you know you can tip on Twitter? Give it a shot in our Dev Channel!
BAT settlement amounts coming out later in the summer.
What’s Brendan’s opinion on Google?
While a recent Washington Post article directs people to Firefox as a Brave alternative, Brave is much better for tracking protection. 
Luke’s been “twipping” a lot on Twitter.
Real-world redemption and premium content is coming…
Ad testimonials are coming too…
If data is oil…
Brave ads coming to Italy.
Johnny on the latest ICO report.

BAT/Brave in the News

Brave Teases Bitcoin Cash, New Crypto Funding Options to Browser Wallet

Brave, the only notable browser with an associated Ethereum token, will soon support Bitcoin Cash and more. Co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich promised as much via Twitter.

News You Should Know

Opinion: New generation of tech firms urges stronger privacy laws

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently wrote about the importance of privacy in the New York Times, joining Facebook and others as purported converts to the cause. But while Big Tech publicly claims a change of heart about consumer privacy, it is at the same time quietly attempting to dismantle California’s new privacy law before it even goes into effect. This kind of duplicity is why the tech industry is increasingly being viewed with suspicion.

Dark Patterns at Scale: Findings from a Crawl of 11K Shopping Websites

Dark patterns are user interface design choices that benefit an online service by coercing, steering, or deceiving users into making unintended and potentially harmful decisions. We conducted a large-scale study, analyzing ~53K product pages from ~11K shopping websites to characterize and quantify the prevalence of dark patterns.

Read the full text here:

Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Over a recent week of Web surfing, I peered under the hood of Google Chrome and found it brought along a few thousand friends. Shopping, news and even government sites quietly tagged my browser to let ad and data companies ride shotgun while I clicked around the Web. This was made possible by the Web’s biggest snoop of all: Google. Seen from the inside, its Chrome browser looks a lot like surveillance software.

Read the full text here:

Google Chrome Is a Data-Sucking Monster, Brave Browser Offers an Alternative 

Depending on your side of the process — consumer or advertiser — you’re either selling your data away or making big profits. If you’re part of the 69.09 percent of the internet that uses Google’s Chrome browser, you’re giving out way more information than you’d like.

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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