Listen to Jennie & Chris’s experience at Futurist from the BAT Team’s perspective on ep. 4 of BAT Community Podcast!

Listen to Jennie and Chris reflect on their experience at Futurist here: 

BAT/Brave was an official gold sponsor of Untraceable’s recent Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019 in Toronto, Canada. 

[…] The Futurist Conference is the largest and most high profile blockchain event in Canada. It brings together over 2300 attendees from around the globe to discuss the future of technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging tech that will disrupt our future. 

The event took place on August 12th to 14th at REBEL Entertainment Complex (better known for being one of Toronto’s hottest and most commodious nightclubs), featuring two floors of exhibitor booths, a spacious main stage, and an outdoor VIP Cabana area for networking and after-parties. The BAT/Brave booth—stocked with merch and demo devices—occupied prime real-estate on the main floor of the venue, and was populated by Brave staff, including Jennie and Christopher from the BAT team; Deep P., and Aubrey K., from engineering, plus Clayton and Shezmeen.

Hundreds of attendees stopped by the BAT/Brave booth to learn more about how BAT and Brave are changing the web. Creators, like YouTubers, Twitch streamers and tweeters, were shown how they could become part of a privacy-respecting ecosystem, while also creating new revenue streams for their content. Goodies given away at the booth included BAT & Brave tee-shirts, branded webcam covers, stickers and special envelopes containing free BAT!

Christopher, Technical Operations Coordinator on the BAT Team, spoke in a mainstage panel on “The Future of Privacy”. Christopher covered how Brave is committed to a world where privacy is the default, and how client-side solutions like BAT change the way we understand digital advertising and its relationship to user data. In response to a discussion concerning the immutability of data on the blockchain, Christopher noted that while some other projects in the space looked to store user data on the blockchain (a proposition he described as a “dangerous game”), BAT/Brave fundamentally solves the problem of data privacy by keeping all user data local to the user’s device.

The event also proved gainful from a business development standpoint. The team exchanged business cards, held a number of meetings with interested brands, and garnered a long list of advertiser signups for Brave Ads.

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