BAT Community Weekly Update: 08/02/2019 to 08/09/2019 — Vote for Brendan Eich’s (CEO) talk at SXSW 2020, Luke Mulks (Director of BD) among DMN’s 2019 40UNDER40 Award Winners, read GO.Exchange’s (Omise) enthusiastic writeup about BAT & Brave!

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update!

Listen to the podcast for the weekly update:

Listen to the BAT Podcast for this Weekly Update!

VOTE: Cast Your Vote for Brave CEO & Co-Founder Brendan Eich’s Talk at the SXSW 2020 Conference

Community voting for the SXSW PanelPIcker is open until August 23! In his presentation, Surveillance Capitalism & A Broken Ad Ecosystem, Brendan Eich will lead an eye-opening discussion about the surveillance capitalism corrupting the digital world today and what a privacy-by-default future should, and will, look like.

Vote for his discussion here:

AWARD: Brave’s Luke Mulks among DMN’s 2019 40UNDER40 Award Winners

We are proud to announce that Luke Mulks, director of business development at Brave, was recognized as one of the top 40 game-changers impacting the marketing and advertising industry for the 2019 DMN 40under40 Awards.

See Brave’s blog post here:

BLOG: IAB Europe refuses to answer Irish Data Protection Commission

Dublin, Ireland, 9 August 2019 —- Today, the Irish Data Protection Commission informed Dr Johnny Ryan of Brave, the private web browser, that IAB Europe has ignored its questions concerning his GDPR complaint against IAB Europe’s unlawful cookie wall.

Despite multiple attempts to obtain a response, IAB Europe has refused to reply to the Irish Data Protection Commission.

IMPORTANT: Official BAT Telegram is Now for Announcements Only

Our official BAT Telegram channel launched in March 2018. In a little over a year, the channel has grown to over 14,000 members.

As of today, we’re changing our official BAT Telegram (@BATProject) into an Announcements channel. Community members within Telegram can follow new updates from the project, but will not be able to post directly in the main chat. 

MEDIA: See GO.Exchange (Omise)’s enthusiastic writeup about how BAT & Brave are revolutionizing the digital advertising space and denominating human attention in BAT 

There is tremendous opportunity for disruption in the attention economy. It will not be easy, as the power is so concentrated in a few entities. However, there is one player poised to take this concentration of power and return it to the user. That is Brave Software, Inc.

Brave’s grand vision is to take the entire advertising industry from the grasp of middlemen and platforms and decentralize it entirely. The benefits for users, publishers, and advertisers will be great.

Brave is a breakthrough in the digital advertising industry and how attention can be valued, and one of the most consumer-ready use cases in cryptocurrencies.

Read the full text here:

Client Updates

Beta Channel v0.68.121

Release Channel v0.67.124

Dev Channel v0.69.100

iOS 1.11

This is a small release with some nice improvements.

  • We’ve added a new Private Tab option on the home screen when you Force Touch the app icon.
  • Improved the video size when the device orientation changes.
  • Housekeeping and a few other small fixes.

Brave Team Tweets

Opinions on the IAB from Johnny.
How does Johnny feel about the IAB? 🙂
No no, IAB.
YubiKey 5Ci support is on iOS!
Make sure to update!

News You Should Know

Did you know?

Don’t miss this epic Twitter fight between the IAB’s CEO and actual publishers

Grab popcorn. As internet fights go, this one deserves your full attention — because the fight is over your attention.

How Google is building a browser monopoly

Chrome is becoming the new Internet Explorer.

Roaring Fans

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