BAT Community Weekly Update: 08/17/2019 to 08/23/2019 — BAT/Brave adds tipping support for Reddit + Vimeo, Brave partners with Yubico (YubiKey) to offer phishing-resistant authentication to users, Brave 69Xs ad-blocker performance with new engine implementation in Rust

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! Thank you to Dan Murphy for his contributions! 

RELEASE: More tipping is here for Reddit and Vimeo!

Now you can tip your favorite creators on Vimeo & Reddit with BAT! Today’s @brave desktop browser update (0.68.131) adds those 2 platforms to the ones we already support: YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, & of course online publishers. 

PARTNERSHIP: Brave partners with Yubico to support their new YubiKey 5Ci and offer secure phishing-resistant authentication via robust security keys on iPhones & iPads

Earlier this summer, Brave and Yubico announced a partnership to bring YubiKey support to Brave for iOS. Yubico is the leading provider of hardware security keys which use the U2F and WebAuthn protocols to provide secure phishing-resistant authentication for online logins. The new YubiKey 5Ci incorporates both Lightning and USB-C connectors, making it compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices as well as laptop & desktop hardware.

BLOG: Privacy-Preserving Product Analytics (P3A)

At Brave, we want our browser not only to provide the best protection against the surveillance economy, but to be the very best way to experience the web.  We rely extensively on community feedback to make sure that the product provides the most vital features and is as reliable as it can possibly be. Sometimes, however, this simply is not enough to make sure we are providing the best experience to as many users as possible.  Many people simply don’t have time to provide feedback, and there are many questions left unanswered. Do people make it through onboarding, or do we need to make it shorter? Are people using Brave Rewards? Are people using sync and if so, on how many devices? How many people still need to download important browser updates?  

VOTE: Today is the last day to vote for Brendan Eich’s (CEO) talk, “Surveillance Capitalism & A Broken Ad Ecosystem,” at SXSW 2020!

Today’s digital world is fueled by an ad industry riddle with fraud, poor consumer experience with no privacy and publishers losing money to a select few platforms. In his presentation, Surveillance Capitalism & A Broken Ad Ecosystem, Brendan Eich will lead an eye-opening discussion about the surveillance capitalism corrupting the digital world today and what a privacy-by-default future should, and will, look like.

Vote for Brendan’s talk here:

PERFORMANCE: The Brave ad-block library based on Rust is in the Release Channel. Update now!

WIN: Intel and Brave are joining forces to bring Brave users an awesome giveaway for Intel® Gamer Days 2019! 

From now through the end of August, Brave users may see Brave Ads promoting Intel Gamer Days, an annual promotion to celebrate PC gaming with great deals & experiences from over 40 top retailers, technology providers, and game publishers. To enter the daily giveaway and have a chance to score a swag kit from Brave and Intel, users must simply click the Intel Gamer Days ad when they see one, and follow the steps to publish a tweet about the promotion. The tweet will count as the user’s entry for that day’s giveaway.

See below for winners of Day 8 and Day 9:

Day 8: 

Day 9: 

Congratulations winners, and thank you to everyone who has participated so far! There are more prizes to be won from now until the end of August! Good luck and happy gaming! 

Client Updates

iOS v1.11.3(

AppStore Release Notes

This is a small release with some nice improvements:

  • Support for Yubico security keys.
  • Housekeeping and a few other small fixes.

List of closed issues for the release can be found here

Dev Channel v0.70.73

Beta Channel v0.69.114

Release Channel v0.68.131

Release Notes
In this latest release, we’ve added the ability to tip Reddit publishers (#4745), added ability to tip Vimeo publishers (#4391), fixed inability to fill out online PDFs (#5033), fixed display issue on brave://downloads (#5330). 

Brave Team Tweets

Please vote for Brendan’s talk outlining a privacy-by-default future! 
What if real-time bidding was ruled illegal?
Do you really need to download the mobile apps for every site you go to? Try this instead…
Feeling bold? Here’s how to test out the new Crypto Wallets in the Brave Nightly channel.
We’ve partnered with Yubico to support their new YubiKey 5Ci. Better security for Brave users on iPhones and iPads!

BAT/Brave in the News

IAB Europe Is Updating Its EU Privacy Guidelines, But Skeptics Say It’s Not Enough (featuring Brave’s Dr. Johnny Ryan) 

The online advertising trade group IAB Europe is making changes to how it suggests publishers and ad-tech companies comply with Europe’s data privacy laws, but some say the updates might not properly protect user data—or protect companies from regulatory scrutiny.

Read the full text here:

IAB launches 2.0 version of controversial adtech standards  (featuring Brave’s Dr. Johnny Ryan) 

Critics warn that programmatic ads, served through real-time bidding, are still in breach of GDPR under ‘TCF 2.0’, while adtech players insist it’s a step in the right direction.

Read the full text here:

Google to join IAB’s revamped GDPR framework by next March  (featuring Brave’s Dr. Johnny Ryan) 

The industry’s attempt to create a standardized framework for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation has been overhauled to better satisfy the needs of publishers, consumers and the law itself.

Until now, Google had pledged its commitment to joining the Transparency and Consent framework, but not in its current form. The deadline for its integration had been pushed back so many times, some industry executives had begun to fear the tech giant had other plans. However, the Internet Advertising Bureau Europe and IAB Tech Lab have released the second version, and Google has stated it expects to be integrated by the end of next March.

10 Reasons to #SwitchToBrave

The title says it all!

Read the full text here:

Google Chrome proposes ‘privacy sandbox’ to reform advertising evils

Google’s Chrome team on Thursday proposed a “privacy sandbox” that’s designed to give us the best of both worlds: ads that publishers can target toward our interests but that don’t infringe our privacy. It’s a major development in an area where Chrome, the dominant browser, has lagged competitors.

“This looks like weak sauce in a misleading ‘privacy matters’ bottle,” Eich tweeted. Google is “the last entity to trust to forge a compromise.”

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

You Can Finally See All Of The Info Facebook Collected About You From Other Websites

Facebook is releasing a tool that will allow people to see what kind of information it has collected about their online activity beyond its borders — from the news they read to the shopping websites they visit to the porn they watch — along with an option to dissociate that data from their accounts.

Read the full text here:

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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