The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 8 (Sep. 20, 2019) — Brave Tops Browser First-Run Network Traffic Results (blog), Upcoming BAT & Brave meetup in Montreal (09/23), BAT/Brave featured in Forbes: “How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing”

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update!

Blog: Brave Tops Browser First-Run Network Traffic Results

What this post explores today is how browsers behave by default, on their first-run, with no preexisting user profile. By default, Brave blocks third-party trackers (and the ads that rely on them). It also prevents fingerprinting, auto-play of media, crypto-mining, and access to media input devices. These aren’t always features offered by other browsers out of the box. 

I decided to explore this topic more thoroughly a couple of weeks ago. I reviewed several web browsers’ network activity on their first-run, and shared some commentary and explanation for what was found via Twitter. Today, I’d like to cover the results as a whole, as well as talk a bit about how you can do a similar review.

Brave Support Team: Brave/Language I/O Webinar

On September 26th, Asad Syed, Brave’s support team manager, will be jointly running a webinar with Language I/O, one of Brave’s translation providers. Tune in to learn more about how Brave’s support system works behind the scenes and how we leverage Language I/O’s powerful technology in order to serve an international user-base.

Learn more here:

Video: Jumping to the Brave Browser after using both Google Chrome and Chromium for more than 10 years. After looking into many browsers I settled on Brave for me.

September 5-Friend Giveaway: Get 5 of your friends to join the forum on & score a BAT/Brave swag kit each!

Who wants some new BAT/Brave swag to rock this fall season? We know we do!

You and 5 of your friends can each win a swag kit consisting of one of each item in the BAT/Brave web store by signing up to join the BAT Community forum! The forum is THE go-to place to discuss all things BAT!

The giveaway officially opens today (Sep. 13) and will end on Monday, September 30th.

Click here for more details:

Client Updates

Release Channel v0.68.138

  • Fixed reward panel not loading and appearing blank in certain cases. (#6012)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 77.0.3865.75. (#5966)

Beta Channel v0.70.99

Dev Channel v0.71.77

Brave Team Tweets

Did you know?
What if Brave was taken over?
Google does not love GDPR. </3
When a CEO says tracking is a practice that has been around for decades… does that make it okay?
What happens when you open your browser for the first time? 
How does Johnny feel about self-regulation?
Some companies have a different idea of what anonymous means.
Johnny chatting it up with Digiday.

BAT/Brave in the News

How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

Blockchain is changing digital marketing by removing companies’ abilities to pull data from customers without also offering to reimburse them for its value. For instance, the Brave browser is changing how users interact with online advertising. Rather than simply being pelted with online ads, Brave users opt-into  viewing ads and receive Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) for the ads with which they interact. It’s a completely new way of viewing advertising, by trading the value of online attention, rather than simply the trading of space for potential ad sales.

Read the full text here:

Brave’s Johnny Ryan and IAB Europe clash over GDPR real-time bidding legality

Dr Johnny Ryan conducted a provocative Dmexco presentation this week exploring what he sees as the increasingly questionable legality of real-time bidding under GDPR.

In his colorful presentation, Ryan painted data regulators as the forest guardians of Tolkien lore, awakening to challenge the programmatic advertising status quo. 

“Now the Ents are awakening, they are terrifying. They may just bring down the castle,” he said.

Read the full text here:

What We Learned at Dmexco 2019, Ad Tech’s Week in the Spotlight

In attendance at Dmexco was Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy and Industry Relations Officer at Brave, who echoed the ICO’s Ali Shah in expressing doubt about the legitimacy of the industry’s tracking methods. In particular, he cast doubt on a recently unveiled initiative from the IAB Tech Lab to find a more advanced solution to third-party cookies.

“The IAB and others have proposed to ID everybody on earth so that those who want privacy can thereby reveal it. I do not see how this could pass the GDPR test,” he said in a statement sent to Adweek.

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

Congress wants Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon emails as probe heats up

The House Judiciary Committee has ramped up for the fall season, issuing demands for huge piles of documentation from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google as its antitrust probe into Big Tech grows.

The committee launched the bipartisan inquiry in June, seeking in part to determine “whether existing laws are adequate” to the task of regulating the sprawling tech titans that power the 21st-century economy. As part of that probe, the committee has now issued lengthy requests for information to the four companies digging deeply into the question of competition.

Read the full text here:

‘No basis for government to interfere’: Facebook fights new rules

Facebook has taken aim at Australia’s competition watchdog for recommending “dangerous” privacy changes and wrongly conflating the social media giant with search engine Google as part of its world-first inquiry into the tech companies.

Read the full text here:

Amid a privacy crisis, Facebook now wants to put a camera on your TV

On Wednesday, Facebook announced it would take the concept a step further with Portal TV, a small black camera that can be clipped onto the top of users’ TVs or sit below them on a stand — and it’s introducing this product to even more markets worldwide.

Read the full text here:

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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