The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 12 (Oct. 18, 2019) — Brave reaches 8M MAU and delivers nearly 400 privacy-preserving BAT ad campaigns (blog), BAT/Brave an official sponsor of ETH Global’s ETH Waterloo, Luke Mulks interview on The Bad Crypto podcast

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! 

Blog: Brave reaches 8 million MAU and delivers nearly 400 privacy-preserving BAT ad campaigns (14% clickthrough rate vs. industry 2%)

Brave is growing on the user front, with daily active users passing the 2.8 million mark recently, and monthly active users now at 8 million. There are also over 290,000 Brave Verified Publishers. 200,000 of those are YouTube creators, 33,000 are website publishers or creators, 15,000 are Twitch streamers, and since we announced our support for Twitter tipping on August 1st, 28,000 Twitter accounts have joined to receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).  

Since Brave launched opt-in Brave Ads just over six months ago, we have seen a huge surge in partnerships. In the wake of privacy scandals, as well as GDPR and CCPA requirements becoming clear, leading agencies and brands want to transition to relevant, brand-safe, and privacy-friendly advertising. Brave Ads preserve users’ privacy, and reward them with 70% of the ad revenue.

See the full post here:

Interview: Joel Comm & Travis Wright interview Brave’s Luke Mulks (Director of Business Development) on The Bad Crypto Podcast

The episode is titled, “Delete Google Chrome. Install the Brave Browser”; you don’t want to miss it. 

Listen here:

Event: BAT/Brave is an official sponsor of ETH Global’s ETH Waterloo (Nov. 8-10, 2019, in Waterloo, CA)! 🇨🇦

If you’ll be in Waterloo, Canada, or nearby from November 8-10th, 2019, then come experience ETH Waterloo, ETHGlobal’s Premiere event of 2019! 

“The leading minds in the cryptocurrency space are joining over 500 hackers from around the world to collaborate together on decentralized applications using Ethereum. With an exponential increase in adoption, developer interest, and other teams building on top of Ethereum, there has never been a better time to be a part of the community, building Web 3.0.

ETHWaterloo is organized by the core ETHGlobal team, along with dozens of volunteers who invest their time and energy to make this event happen.”

For more information about ETH Waterloo, visit the official event website, here:

Have a group of friends ready to get together and BUIDL? Apply to hack!:

Want to help out with the event? Sign up as a volunteer!:

Several members of the BAT/Brave team will be in attendance. We will have a BAT/Brave booth where attendees can come meet the team, hang out, ask questions, snap pics, and score some cool swag. If you plan to be at ETH Waterloo this year, be sure to stop by and say hello! 😄🦁

Blog: Brave highlights critical CCPA omission in letter to the Attorney General of California

Brave has written to the Attorney General of California to highlight a critical omission in the CCPA regulations proposed last week. 

Brave’s letter highlights the importance of purpose specification, a concept at the heart of the 1973 United States Fair Information Practice Principles, and commends the Attorney General for articulating purpose specification in his proposed CCPA regulations. However, the regulations fail to define the scope of an individual purpose. This is a critical flaw. Brave argues that it should be rectified in order to protect Californians’ privacy rights.

See the full post here:

Talk: Yan Zhu (Chief Information Security Officer at Brave) and eV Quirk (Principal Engineer at Brave) give an excellent overview of Brave Ads at the recent Upbit Developer Conference in Korea

Blinded tokens, Anonize, antifraud measures: all the details for our privacy-first approach to designing protocols…

+ informative Q&A at the end!

Watch the presentation here: 

Meetup: BAT Indonesia to host Bat Cafe 22.0 in Bekasi, Indonesia (October 24, 2019)

As the title suggests, this is BAT Indonesia’s 22nd BAT Cafe meetup (this doesn’t include their regular Brave-specific meetups, creator workshops, local school visits, etc.). We couldn’t be more proud of our Indonesian community leaders!

Event details here: 

Client Updates

Nightly Channel v0.73.10

Dev Channel v0.72.106

Beta Channel v0.71.98

Brave Team Tweets

We can’t help but chuckle.
#PeopleFirst, always.
Brave Ads support for most of the globe by the end of 2019. Hurray!
Click the linked tweet to see the discussion surrounding Gabriela’s tweet.
Headed to BrandWeek this year? Reach out and let us know!
A must-watch.

BAT/Brave in the News

Cointelegraph: Crypto-Friendly Browser Brave Hits 8 Million Monthly Active Users

Cryptocurrency-powered web browser Brave announced on Oct. 16 that it has reached eight million monthly active users.

Daily active users stand at over 2.8 million, and the number of creators subscribed to its web advertisement network also reportedly increased substantially. 

There are also over 290,000 Brave Verified Publishers who subscribed to the advertisement platform powered by Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Read the full text here: 

The Merkle Hash: Brave Surpasses 8 Million Monthly Active Users

Very few cryptocurrency projects manage to make a lasting mainstream impact. Brave has proven to be a different breed in this regard. The new browser solution continues to grow and evolve across the board. In a recent update, the team confirmed there are now over 8 million active users per month. A major turn of events, primarily because so many users doubted this venture during the early stages.

News You Should Know

AdAge: Ad Fraud Fighter Augustine Fou: “I indict the holding companies’

A former marketer turned ad fraud researcher says every campaign has a little bit of fraud

When it comes to how much marketers lose to ad fraud, no one has a bleaker assessment than Augustine Fou.

How bleak? “Between 1 percent and 100 percent. There are no 0 percent fraud campaigns, that just means you’re not seeing it,” says the former marketer turned ad fraud researcher.

Read the full text here:

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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