The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 17 (Nov. 22, 2019) — Livestream + AMA w/ Luke Mulks, Joel Harper, Alex Wilson & Pat Duffy on Brave for Good, Giving Tuesday Campaign (video), Quartz ( now a Brave verified publisher, limited-edition BAT jewelry!

Our first BAT Community Livestream — Luke Mulks, Joel Harper, Alex Wilson & Pat Duffy (+ Dan and Jennie from the BAT Team) discuss Brave for Good, Giving Tuesday Campaign

Earlier this week, Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave, Alex Wilson & Patrick Duffy of The Giving Block, and Joel Harper of FreedomThree (along with Jennie & Dan from the BAT Team) did a livestream where they discussed the Brave Ads Grant Program and the upcoming Brave for Good, Giving Tuesday Campaign.

“We are excited to be working again with The Giving Block, this time to promote the #BitcoinTuesday sponsorship as a part of our Brave for Good campaign for Giving Tuesday. By dedicating 100% of our ad inventory to ads from participating charities on Giving Tuesday, we aim to bring a new level of awareness, reach and support to the causes and lives of the people who benefit from their important work. We hope this will be the start of a new tradition for Giving Tuesday that we can carry on for years to come.”  

Watch it here:

Ways you can help spread the good on Giving Tuesday:

We’ll be leveraging the entirety of the Brave Ads delivery on December 3rd as a social driver to help spread awareness for Giving Tuesday on social media. Brave Ads users may come across ads relating to Giving Tuesday and will be given the option to click-through the ad to tweet about the cause to spread the word on Twitter.

If you haven’t already opted in to seeing Brave Ads—what are you waiting for? (Go to brave://rewards to activate!)

Get Brave here if you don’t already have it. Opt into Brave Rewards. You’ll earn BAT by seeing privacy-respecting ads, and you can pay it forward by donating a portion of your earnings to causes of your choosing using the Tips or Auto-Contribute features in Brave Rewards. Simply head over to the website or Twitter page belonging to the non-profit you wish to support, and donate directly by clicking on the BAT logo displayed within the page or in your URL bar.

If you have your own Twitter (or website, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Vimeo, or GitHub account), get set up as a Brave Creator. Then, activate the Referral Program and generate a referral link that you’ll share with your friends & family to get them using Brave. You’ll get rewarded in BAT for each new user you bring to Brave*, and they, in turn, can make donations in BAT to causes they care about.

Go out into your local community on Giving Tuesday and do some good: Challenge yourself to find creative ways to “pay it forward;” help out at a local soup kitchen or non-profit, or do something kind & unexpected for someone else. Afterward, tell us about your good deed on Twitter by tweeting using the hashtag #BeBraveForGood. (If you can, snap a quick photo or video in the midst of your good deed and share it with us too! Bonus points for rocking your BAT & Brave gear!)

If you don’t have any BAT & Brave swag, don’t worry! We’ll be looking through the #BeBraveForGood hashtag for people to award with free merchandise for participating and helping spread the good!

Get involved! While we should all strive to do good each and every day, on Giving Tuesday, let’s all make a conscious effort to do go the extra mile and to help spread awareness for a great cause!

Would you like to work at Brave? We’re hiring a UX Designer and a Senior Web Developer; many other positions too. Now could be your chance to join this monumental movement to save the Web!

Quartz ( is now a verified Brave publisher. Alexa Rank: 2643!

Quartz provides global news and insights for a new generation of business leaders.

We made limited-edition, fine, custom BAT rings & dog tags with Access79! (Available soon for pre-order.)

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Director of AI at Tesla: “I’m experimenting with Brave browser, DuckDuckGo as default search engine, and VPN in an attempt to improve my internet hygiene. So far so good. Brave’s BAT paints a much more appealing picture of monetization on the web than what we have today.”

Client Updates

Desktop Dev Channel v1.2.8

Desktop Beta Channel v1.1.8

Desktop Release Channel v1.0.1

Release notes: Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.108. (#6987)

Brave Team Tweets

Accessorize with the Brave 1.0 belt buckle!
Buckle up for a Brave Stats journey, starting here
Not millions lost on legit publishers, billions
Bling bling, who wants some BAT rings?
Amazing work by Viking and El Juno!!!

News You Should Know

Police can keep Ring camera video forever and share with whomever they’d like, Amazon tells senator

Police officers who download videos captured by homeowners’ Ring doorbell cameras can keep them forever and share them with whomever they’d like without providing evidence of a crime, the Amazon-owned firm told a lawmaker this month.

Read the full text here:

Facebook, Google business models a ‘threat to human rights’: Amnesty report

Amnesty International in a report has said tech giants Facebook and Google should be forced to abandon what it calls a “surveillance-based business model” that is ”predicated on human rights abuse.”

“Despite the real value of the services they provide, Google and Facebook’s platforms come at a systemic cost,” the human rights group said in its 60-page report published on Thursday.

Read the full text here:

U.S. Lawmakers Demand Amazon Disclose How Ring Stores Data

U.S. lawmakers are demanding that Amazon tell them more about how Ring, Amazon’s surveillance network, is protecting consumer data. They cited the potential for the sensitive footage “detailing the lives of millions of Americans” to fall into the hands of hackers and foreign spies.

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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