The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 18 (Nov. 29, 2019) — Brendan Eich’s full keynote presentation at WebSummit 2019 released: “The Future of Privacy-by-default” (video), Google gives a Brave 1.0 birthday cake to Brave (real), Help us train our Brave Ads machine learning!

Brendan Eich (CEO) full keynote presentation video at WebSummit 2019, released: “The Future of Privacy-by-default” (Brave & BAT)

Google gives a Brave 1.0 birthday cake to Brave! (Real)

Apparently, this is customary in the world of web browsers. According to Sampson, “Browser vendors have, for many years, sent each other congratulatory cakes for meeting milestones. This was unexpected, as we’re still a very new browser. But, we’re on the Google radar, it seems.”

I’m not in the SF office, but I hear the cake is delicious too.

Brave hits 40 million downloads on Android

Need we say more? 🙂

CGTN America features Brave and Luke Mulks (Director of Biz Dev at Brave) in news segment on demystifying blockchain technology for average users

“If we are doing our job, we don’t really have to say blockchain,” said Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave. “Look, you want a faster browser that has a cleaner experience, and you want to get something rewarded for attention, this is the browser for you.”

Watch it here: 

Help us train our Brave Ads machine learning, and we’ll give you a $20 Amazon gift card! 🙂

We are looking for 50 participants for a user study that will enable us to improve our local machine learning models around Brave Ads. You can apply only if you are 21 years of age or older and live in either the USA, Canada or the UK.

More info here:

Zooko Wilcox (CEO of Zcash): “I love Brave, and I love Tor, and the best thing is that since I use Brave it is zero added effort on my part to use Tor. I don’t have to switch browsers, install software, or anything else … could you make it so that I donate to Tor automatically?” [with BAT]

Limited-edition BAT x Access79 jewelry pieces are on the way!

Giving Tuesday (December 3rd) is just around the corner. Find out how you can get involved!

With support from Brave, The Giving Block is orchestrating aid for nonprofits such as No Kid Hungry, the Tor Project and Pencils of Promise in “Charities Put a Bitcoin Twist on Giving Tuesday”.

Read about Coindesk’s coverage of the upcoming Giving Tuesday initiative here:

From a recent blog post on The Giving Block’s website:
“We are excited to be working again with The Giving Block, this time to promote the #BitcoinTuesday sponsorship as a part of our Brave for Good campaign for Giving Tuesday. By dedicating 100% of our ad inventory to ads from participating charities on Giving Tuesday, we aim to bring a new level of awareness, reach and support to the causes and lives of the people who benefit from their important work. We hope this will be the start of a new tradition for Giving Tuesday that we can carry on for years to come.”  

Read the rest here:

Ways you can help spread the good on Giving Tuesday:

We’ll be leveraging the entirety of the Brave Ads delivery on December 3rd as a social driver to help spread awareness for Giving Tuesday on social media. Brave Ads users may come across ads relating to Giving Tuesday and will be given the option to click-through the ad to tweet about the cause to spread the word on Twitter.

If you haven’t already opted into seeing Brave Ads—what are you waiting for? (Go to brave://rewards to activate!)

Get Brave here if you don’t already have it. Opt into Brave Rewards. You’ll earn BAT by seeing privacy-respecting ads, and you can pay it forward by donating a portion of your earnings to causes of your choosing using the Tips or Auto-Contribute features in Brave Rewards. Simply head over to the website or Twitter page belonging to the non-profit you wish to support, and donate directly by clicking on the BAT logo displayed within the page or in your URL bar.

(You can get your tip on by donating to these verified non-profits & causes today): 

If you have your own Twitter (or website, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Vimeo, or GitHub account), get set up as a Brave Creator. Then, activate the Referral Program and generate a referral link that you’ll share with your friends & family to get them using Brave. You’ll get rewarded in BAT for each new user you bring to Brave*, and they, in turn, can make donations in BAT to causes they care about.

Go out into your local community on Giving Tuesday and do some good: Challenge yourself to find creative ways to “pay it forward”; help out at a local soup kitchen or non-profit, or do something kind & unexpected for someone else. Afterward, tell us about your good deed on Twitter by tweeting using the hashtag #BeBraveForGood. (If you can, snap a quick photo or video in the midst of your good deed and share it with us too! Bonus points for rocking your BAT & Brave gear!)

If you don’t have any BAT & Brave swag, don’t worry! We’ll be looking through the #BeBraveForGood hashtag for people to award with free merchandise for participating and helping spread the good!

Get involved! While we should all strive to do good each and every day, on Giving Tuesday, let’s all make a conscious effort to do go the extra mile and to help spread awareness for a great cause!

Client Updates

Desktop Dev Channel v1.2.14

Desktop Beta Channel v1.1.14

Brave Team Tweets

He isn’t wrong.
Luke’s talk & presentation from Stratfest 2019 is now available for your viewing pleasure!
Go big or go home!
Hulu users, lock it down!
In case you missed Yan’s highlights from Brave’s 1.0 release celebration at the SF office!

BAT/Brave in the News

How-To Geek: “Brave is more than a browser. It’s a statement about how the Internet should work.”

When Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy founded Brave in 2015, they wanted to address what they perceived as the biggest problem with the modern internet: intrusive advertising.

Advertising is the fuel that powers the modern internet, allowing websites and digital creatives to monetize their content without charging users for each article read or every video watched. That said, Eich and Bondy think it’s got some pretty significant downsides, citing the potentially privacy-harming nature of advertising trackers, as well as the negative impact it has on the overall user experience.

Brave’s first release came about amidst two significant trends, which ultimately defined the new browser.

Read the full text here:

Bitcoin Donations Poised To Transform Nonprofits

Giving Tuesday, which falls this year on December 3, is designated as the appointed day to give your time, dollars and now, cryptocurrency. This year, members of the cryptocurrency community are participating in #BitcoinTuesday, a coordinated effort led by The Giving Block to promote crypto giving on Giving Tuesday. The lead sponsor is Brave, along with Gemini, Splunk, Inca Digital Securities, Bottlepay, Cointracker, and Node40. It is anticipated that this initiative will lead to a groundswell of crypto donations.

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

Can blockchain go mainstream?

A recent event in Silicon Valley called IOT Tech Expo North America brought in at least 12,000 tech enthusiasts to examine the latest technologies.

But one major section of the event drew in the crowds even though it’s far from physical: the Blockchain Expo. 

I watched as a booth run by eToro, self-classified as a leading social trading and investing company, convinced customer after customer to open up a new account with them in exchange for getting free cryptocurrency.

Read the full text here:–LQSqqkVQbe/index.html 

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