The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 24 (Jan. 10, 2020) — Brendan Eich interviewed by Street Fight magazine + The Solana Podcast, Brave for iOS selected in the App Store’s “Apps We Love”, BAT for Bushfires: support for Australia (community)

Interview: Brendan Eich interviewed by Street Fight magazine: “Privacy-by-Default Future for Digital Advertising” 

In light of last week’s enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act and our monthly theme, Pursuing Privacy, Street Fight posed questions on surveillance capitalism, privacy, Big Tech, and the future of digital advertising to Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, one of the leading companies championing privacy-first solutions in the tech industry.

News: Brave for iOS selected in the App Store’s “Apps We Love” and “Apps We Love Right Now”!

If you don’t have Brave installed on all of your Apple devices yet, what are you waiting for? 

Interview: ‎Brendan Eich on No Sharding — The Solana Podcast!

No Sharding is the podcast from Solana, a lightning-fast blockchain for mission-critical decentralized apps. This podcast is a discussion between our industry leaders in both blockchain and technology, our team, and community developers. 

In his interview, Brendan talks briefly about his background (Javascript creator & Mozilla co-founder) and then jumps right into how Brave gives you back the power with unmatched speed, security, and privacy. This episode is a must-listen.

Listen here:

Community: BAT for Bushfires: support for Australia

A community known by the username /u/holduntil2020 on Reddit will be donating any and all BAT tipped to their Twitch channel ( to The Intrepid Foundation, an Australian-based organization, to support those affected by the ongoing bushfires in Australia. 

A message from the official Brave Team: “We love what everyone is doing here for this important cause.

The BAT Community we’ve built together is amazing, and we want to keep that going. So, as of today, we at Brave will be matching all charitable BAT donations, up to 1 million BAT, toward this effort.

Thanks everyone for coming together to spread the good. This is what BAT and Brave are all about.” 

Fan-made: Introducing BAT Watch

BAT Watch is a new, fan-made searchable Brave creator directory.

Check it out here:

Fan-made: How To Transfer BAT From Uphold Wallet To Coinbase (step by step guide)

Great tutorial for anyone that has found transferring BAT from the Uphold wallet a little tricky. Complete with screenshot instructions!

Check it out here:

Client Updates

Dev Channel v1.4.56

Beta Channel v1.3.88

Brave Team Tweets

Brendan sends 100 BAT to the creator of (User-specified tips are available in Nightly!)
Feeling bold? Check about:flags for fun!
Wondering how our local ads work?
Have you seen the work from Will? You probably have… he’s been responsible for some Brave backgrounds.
What Brave is solving in two minutes
Counter to what some people may think, more people are opting into ads.
Johnny is diggin up some finds from @HindsighFiles. What type of information have companies put together about people? Pretty spooky stuff…
Wallet sync is coming soon!

BAT/Brave in the News

Brave’s bonanza year, and why 2020 promises to be better still

Its name couldn’t be more fitting; Brave is the little software company that could. Not only is it taking on tech titans like Google with its privacy-focused browser; it’s aiming to upend the advertising model that underpins the Internet, with a revolutionary loyalty rewards program that pays users in tokens for watching ads.

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

Amazon’s Ring Fired Staff for Trying to Access Customer Data Inc. said its Ring subsidiary fired at least four employees for improperly seeking access to customer data over the last four years, the latest privacy headache for the video doorbell maker it acquired in 2018.

Read the full text here:

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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