The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 29 (Feb. 14, 2020) — Sponsored Images now available on all Brave platforms (users who opt into Brave Rewards earn 70% of the ad revenue!), Brave now comes pre-installed on the HTC Exodus, free BAT wallpaper + more fan art

Announcement: Sponsored Images now available on all Brave platforms, rewarding users who opt into Brave Rewards with 70 percent of the ad revenue!

Brave users will notice that their new tab page features a Sponsored Image, which is shown in every fourth new tab and alternates with Brave’s regular background images for new tabs. Sponsored Images reward Brave users with 70% of the ad revenue when they opt into Brave Rewards. Sponsored Images give select advertisers the ability to place a branded image and logo in the tab page, reaching the full 100% of Brave’s audience of over 11 million monthly active users. We’re thrilled to announce that our launch partner BlockFi is the advertiser for this current campaign, which will run for ten days.

BlockFi is a financial services company focused on products and services designed specifically for cryptocurrencies, such as an interest account allowing users to earn compound interest on their bitcoin and other crypto assets. The BlockFi campaign will be seen by Brave users in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Read the full post here:

HTC Exodus official Twitter: “Ad-blocking web browser, @brave is recommended and pre-installed in #HTCExodus. It’s known for offering BAT Token (Basic Attention Token, a share of ad revenue) if users opt-in to seeing ads.”

We are beyond thrilled that Brave now comes pre-installed on the HTC Exodus! 

Read the tweet here.

Community: “I work as a PC administrator, and because of that I was able to spread love for Brave. For the last 3 months, I’ve been able to get more than 50 monthly active users. I live in small town, so I am pretty proud of my achievement“ 

We think this is a major achievement! Thank you for the support. <3 

Fan Art: On the market for new mobile wallpaper or lock-screen artwork? A lovely user from Reddit created this funky BAT wallpaper! 

Free for you to use & enjoy! Thanks u/coinreturn1! 

Fan Art: “I made this Basic attention x Kirby crossover in a series I’m doing where I turn kirby into cryptos” 

“I’ve done I think 7 or 8 crytpo x kirbys, with five finished currently. It’s been really fun and BAT was the first one I finished. The other finished crossovers are xrp, Eth, bsv and btc. Verified creator so if you download and like the image you can always do what Brave/Bat is designed to do lol, not required of course. Would be cool to see this all over. If anyone wants to share this around that’d be cool.”

Featured Creators (in partnership with Everipedia)

LordDraconical on YouTube

Drac’s videos on Nerf toy gun reviews and epic trick shots have racked him up over 725,000 subscribers on Youtube. We can’t get “anerf”! 

Check out LordDraconical’s Everipedia entry: 

Subscribe to LordDraconical on YouTube here: 

Javi Ayul on YouTuber 

Javi’s musical talent has won over 2,000,000 subscribers on YouTube so far, and he is also a Bitcoin enthusiast!

Read Javi’s entry on Everipedia here:  

Check out his channel & subscribe here: 

Client Updates

Beta Channel v1.4.86

Dev Channel v1.5.90

Release Channel v1.3.115

Release notes:
Fixed several crashes and stability issues by temporarily disabling sync. (#7781)

Brave Team Tweets

Sponsored images are here… And BlockFi is showing now!
Brave doesn’t collect intent signals. It saves them locally, on your device.
Don’t be harvested!
Basic Attention Token — Established 2017. It’s been around almost 3 years now.
International ads are ramping up.
IAB bashes us but misses some key points.
Did you know Johnny Ryan had a book? And now, it’s published in Turkish!
Looking for some new music? Sampson found some!
There seems to be a bit of interest on Brave’s investigation on UK council websites.
Brave is the David Blane of browsers.
Find ads you like or don’t like? Control ‘em!
Sponsored Images are live on all platforms!
And, you can be paid to see these sponsored images.
Brave was voted “Least cooperative” by the IAB. Thanks! We’re proud of not tracking users and sharing data with a bunch of creepy data brokers. Let’s go for gold next year too!
Get some new BAT-inspired wallpaper!

BAT/Brave in the News

The Register: Google’s second stab at preserving both privacy and ad revenue draws fire

While TURTLEDOVE may need further work before the web community accepts it, the Brave browser already has a privacy-preserving client-side ad system in place.

In his own Twitter thread on TURTLEDOVE, Peter Snyder, privacy researcher at Brave Software, elaborated on some of the potential problems with Google’s approach.

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

Daniel Miessler: The Dark Web Has Nothing on Data Brokers

But for me, and most of the other security professionals I know, the Dark Web is insignificant compared to its corporate counterparts. There are thousands of companies that legally, professionally, and efficiently collect, organize, and sell your data—and they do so as completely legal businesses.

Read the full text here:

Vice: How Big Companies Spy on Your Emails

The popular Edison email app, which is in the top 100 productivity apps on the Apple app store, scrapes users’ email inboxes and sells products based off that information to clients in the finance, travel, and e-Commerce sectors. The contents of Edison users’ inboxes are of particular interest to companies who can buy the data to make better investment decisions, according to a J.P. Morgan document obtained by Motherboard.

Read the full text here:

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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