The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 28 (Feb. 7, 2020) — Brave uncovers widespread surveillance of UK citizens by private companies embedded on UK council websites (blog), OK Google, don’t delay real browser privacy until 2022 (blog), AMA w/ Access79 (advertiser in Brave Ads)

Blog: Brave uncovers widespread surveillance of UK citizens by private companies embedded on UK council websites

A new report from Brave reveals that people seeking help for addiction, disability, and poverty on council websites are profiled by private companies in the UK.

Brave has uncovered widespread surveillance of UK citizens by private companies embedded on UK council websites. “Surveillance on UK council websites”, a new report from Brave, reveals the extent of private companies’ surveillance of UK citizens when they seek help for addiction, disability, and poverty from their local government authorities.

None of the data collecting companies recorded in this study had received consent from the website visitor to lawfully process data.

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Blog: OK Google, don’t delay real browser privacy until 2022

Google recently announced that their Chrome Web browser will — with luck, and if a bunch of other conditions come to pass — probably start blocking third-party cookies. And they’re optimistic that, with all of Google’s engineering expertise behind the project, they should be able achieve this goal within the next two years.

Privacy-focused Web browsers like Brave and Safari have been blocking third-party cookies for years. It’s not much of a technical challenge. And blocking third-party cookies barely scratches the surface of what’s needed to protect against web tracking. Here at Brave, we’d like to congratulate the Chrome team at Google being willing to consider the possibility of deploying a basic browser privacy protection some time in the next two years.

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Recap: Livestream AMA with Priyanka Murthy (CEO) & Geena Dhaliwal (CMO), Co-founders of Access79 — How Access79 is changing the way people shop for fine jewelry (+ advertiser testimonial)

Last week, Jennie and Luke from the BAT Team sat down with Priyanka Murthy, Esq., Co-Founder and CEO & Geena Dhaliwal, Co-Founder and CMO of Access79 to discuss how Access79 is changing the way people shop for fine jewelry. 

During the livestream, Priyanka and Geena fielded both pre-submitted questions, as well as questions that came in from audience members through the live chat on YouTube. The pair spoke in-depth about what sets Access79 apart from other fine jewelry providers, shared the insights they’ve gained from advertising to a more tech-based audience through Brave and revealed what it was like to be one of the first luxury jewelry brands to join the platform. 

In addition, Priyanka showcased some of Access79’s offerings on camera while she and Geena offered their expert advice on gift-giving to shoppers who aren’t sure where to start… just in time for Valentine’s Day!
The winner of the BAT & Brave swag kit draw for participants in the Access79 AMA is: DappsBoi! Congratulations! (Keep an eye on your Reddit inbox for a PM from CryptoJennie about your prize!) 

Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway and that partook in the AMA! 

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Dev Channel v1.5.85

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In this latest release, we’ve: added New Tab Page Sponsored Images (#7883), added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads for over 30 new regions (#6825), added OS level targeting for ads (#4761), updated the New Tab Page to be more dynamic (#7884), fixed issue with sync chain reset when device is offline (#3628), and much more!

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News You Should Know

The Guardian: Councils let firms track visits to webpages on benefits and disability

Councils are sharing information about users of their websites – including when they seek help with a benefit claim, or with a disability or alcoholism – with dozens of private companies.

More than 400 local authorities allowed at least one third-party company to track individuals who visit their sites, an investigation has revealed.

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CNET: Teens have figured out how to mess with Instagram’s tracking algorithm

Mosley and her high school friends in Maryland had figured out a way to fool tracking by the Facebook-owned social network. On the first visit, her Explore tab showed images of Kobe Bryant. Then on a refresh, cooking guides, and after another refresh, animals. 

“I’ve never looked at animals on this account,” Mosley mentioned in Washington, DC. At the hacker conference Shmoocon, along with her father, Russell Mosley, she’d just given a presentation on how teens were keeping their accounts private from Instagram.

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NBC News: Can privacy be big business? A wave of startups thinks so.

Privacy-focused technology companies are offering a variety of services, from personal data scrubbing to business-focused software meant to help companies comply with the law.

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