The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 31 (Feb. 28, 2020) — Brave Browser partners with Wayback Machine to fight 404 errors (CNET), Luke Mulks (Director of BizDev at Brave) on The Tatiana Show, Brave mentioned in “Good Girls Lie”, a new novel by New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison!

News: Brave Browser partners with Wayback Machine to fight 404 errors (CNET) 

Getting a 404 “page not found” error message is one of the most frustrating experiences of browsing the internet. You find a site through search or a link on a website and when you get there it’s gone. In a new update, the Brave Browser has teamed up with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to help make such an annoyance a thing of the past.

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Podcast: Luke Mulks (Director of BizDev at Brave), Bobby Lee, & Sasha Hodder on The Tatiana Show!

Tatiana interviews Luke Mulks and Bobby Lee live at the North American Bitcoin conference. Luke Mulks is the Business Development Director at Brave, an internet browser that promises privacy and security for their users. Anything that may try to track you on other browsers and collect your data without your awareness is blocked by default. Along with this, third-party ad blocking and tracking protection are integrated into the browser as well. Brave has created a new way to monetize the internet, and has implemented use of their BAT token for software users.

Community: Group photo from BAT Indonesia’s recent BAT Cafe 26.0 meetup!

BAT Indonesia’s BAT Cafe is a recurring monthly meetup for new and existing users of Brave and Basic Attention Token. The latest installment took place in Maluku’s capital, Ambon, in Indonesia. 

Shoutout to the BAT/Brave Indonesia gang for consistently killing it! 

Brave mentioned in new novel, Good Girls Lie, by New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison 

J.T. Ellison’s pulse-pounding new psychological thriller examines the tenuous bonds of friendship, the power of lies and the desperate lengths people will go to in order to protect their secrets.

Good Girls Lie is available on Audible for anyone who wants to listen (& hear the Brave shoutout for themselves!)

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Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia)

James Hoffman on YouTube

Coffee addicts Coffee aficionados rejoice! James Hoffman is an entrepreneur, author, self-taught filmmaker, and YouTuber known for his videos all about coffee

Channel description: Hi! My name is James, and I mostly make videos about anything and everything to do with coffee, occasionally food and sometimes business/entrepreneurship. (But it really is mostly coffee.)

I do how-tos, guides, reviews, vlogs, video essays and mini-documentary films. I’m a self-taught filmmaker and love creating on YouTube. In the real world, I’ve started a few companies, I wrote the World Atlas of Coffee and I do a little advisory work for startups too.

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FlyWithHaifa on YouTube

Haifa is a travel blogger from the Middle-East known for her travel vlogs which she records in both Arabic and English! 

Channel description: A girl from the Middle East who loves to travel, talk to people, and discover the world in her own way. 

Traveling and cross-culture relations is my passion! I believe there are no limits to dreams. And to take that theory to test I decided to quit my job and follow my dreams. Like many of you traveling the world is one of them! 🙂 

Follow my journey and support me by subscribing, watching, and sharing the videos if you liked them! 

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Client Updates

Dev Channel v1.6.51

Beta Channel v1.5.102

Release Channel v1.4.95

Brave Team Tweets

Brave 1.4.95 — Now with time-traveling features! (Kind of.)
Sampson gives the 411 on 404s, and how Wayback Integration Works.
Google is taking your audiences… And publishers are handing them the data.
Let Johnny show you what’s changed in Google’s new terms of service, so you don’t have to.
Sometimes we discover fun things we didn’t know existed. 
So, Brave was mentioned by the IAB as being “least cooperative” with user’s data. We’ll take it. 
Wanna test out Brave’s integration with Wayback Machine for yourself?

BAT/Brave in the News

The Verge: Brave browser now automatically points to Wayback Machine on 404

The Brave web browser can now automatically detect when a webpage is unavailable and will offer to search the Wayback Machine for a backup, the Internet Archive has announced. Although the 404 error code is the most well known, the announcement notes that the feature also works for 408, 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526 errors.

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GHacks: Study finds Brave to be the most private browser

Are you concerned about your web browser sending data back to the company that created it? A new study, Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home?, looked at the six popular desktop web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), Apple Safari, Brave, and Yandex, to uncover what these browsers send back to the mothership.

If you just want the result, the study found that used out of the box, Brave “is by far the most private of the browsers studied” followed by Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Brave is the only web browser that did not use identifiers that allowed tracking of the IP address over time and did not share details of web pages visited to backend servers.

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News You Should Know

CPO Magazine: Facial Recognition Surveillance Technology Should Be Suspended in the U.S. Says Coalition of 40 Privacy and Free Speech Groups

Facial recognition surveillance technology is a hot-button issue that pulls together several major social concerns; privacy, profiling, authoritarianism and free expression. As both camera hardware and facial recognition software technologies advance to the point that a person can be added to a database and then located in a crowd in under 10 minutes, serious questions emerge about the net social value of their use.

Concerns over the potential for abuse have driven all of this, and that is also what has motivated 40 groups headed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) to draft a letter recommending that federal agencies suspend the use of facial recognition surveillance systems.

Read the full text here:

TED2019: Why You Should Get Paid For Your Data (Jennifer Zhu Scott)

The world’s most valuable tech companies profit from the personal data you generate. So why aren’t you getting paid for it? In this eye-opening talk, entrepreneur and technologist Jennifer Zhu Scott makes the case for private data ownership — which would empower you to donate, destroy or sell your data as you see fit — and shows how this growing movement could put power (and cash) back into the hands of people.

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: has cashed out $2k+ in BAT tips. Pretty awesome to see adoption growing. On a mass scale this could be a huge revenue stream.

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