The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 43 (May 22, 2020) — Brave’s new Anti-Fingerprinting Defenses 2.0, How to connect your Reddit Community Points (Reddit Vault) to Brave (tutorial), Verizon’s #PayItForwardLIVE campaign includes Brave to support local businesses!

Highlights: Guest AMA with Justin Wilkenfeld, Suzi Wilkenfeld, and Dan I. Sack from Kindhumans, a cause on a mission to make kindness a viral phenomenon

Welcome to the next installment in our series of BAT Community-run AMAs.

The ongoing AMA series on Reddit features various guests from the Brave and BAT teams, and now, guests from projects and causes that Brave collaborates with. 

The most recent AMA took place on May 13th, and featured guests Justin “Hoost” Wilkenfeld (CEO & Co-founder), Suzi Wilkenfeld (President & Co-founder), and Dan I. Sack (Director of Business Operations) from Kindhumans, a cause on a mission to make kindness a viral phenomenon, and to unite and grow the community of kind humans around the world. Justin, Suzi, and Dan fielded both pre-submitted and live questions from Redditors about the work Kindhumans is doing to help people and the environment. This includes their “Kindness. Pass it on” sticker campaign (where every sticker pack purchase funds a tangible act of kindness, such as planting trees or providing safe drinking water), the Kindhumans Shop (which encourages consumers to “Purchase with Purpose” and features curated sustainability-focused products), and their work with Grassroots Aid Partnership (GAP), which sends much needed supplies to communities most impacted by COVID-19.

Read the full post here:

Blog: “Industry discussion on the GDPR at 2 years old, and future EU regulatory development” (video discussion hosted by Brave’s Johnny Ryan, and featuring participants from the World Federation of Advertisers, EGTA, and FEDMA)

Senior representatives of advertisers, publishers, and intermediaries discuss two years of the GDPR in a discussion hosted by Brave.

Dr Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy Officer, Brave; Catherine Armitage, Director of Digital Policy, World Federation of Advertisers; Conor Murray, Director of Regulatory and Public Affairs, EGTA; Mathilde Fiquet, Director General, FEDMA.

The discussion covers the impacts of the GDPR so far, and issues beyond the GDPR, including competition, content regulation, and other future policy issues, that may dominate in the next two years.

Check it out here:

Blog: Brave’s new Anti-Fingerprinting Defenses 2.0

This is the fourth in an ongoing, regular series of blog posts, describing new privacy-related features in Brave. This post describes work done by Senior Software Engineer Mark Pilgrim, Senior Privacy Researcher Peter Snyder, Principal Engineer Brian Johnson, and Chief Scientist Ben Livshits.


Brave is redesigning its browser fingerprinting defenses to build on the randomization-based techniques discussed in the previous post. These new defenses provide stronger and more web-compatible protections by default: for users who are willing to accept some broken sites for further privacy, they can opt into an even stronger set of defenses. This system is currently being developed, and parts of it can be used today in our Nightly builds.

Brave’s goal is to both be the best browser for protecting your privacy, and the best browser for day-to-day, full-featured Web use. This post describes new privacy features being developed in Brave to better protect user privacy, without breaking privacy-respecting, user-serving websites. These new features build on the randomization based defenses described in the previous entry in this series, and we detail how these randomization defenses will be applied to more of the Web API in Brave. We will cover three areas:

1. Past Generation Fingerprinting Defenses
2. Brave’s New Fingerprinting Defense System: Farbling
3. A Possible Future of Fingerprinting Protections in Brave

Read the full post here:

Cause: Verizon’s #PayItForwardLIVE campaign includes Brave to support local businesses

This week, Brave began participating in the Verizon #PayItForwardLIVE campaign. #PayItForwardLIVE is a weekly livestream starring the biggest names in entertainment supporting small businesses. Visit Verizon’s Twitter page for live performances every Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM ET/5PM PT. In addition, you can tune in at any time to catch prior  performances from artists like Chance the Rapper, Usher, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys and others.

Verizon has chosen to feature #PayItForwardLIVE through Sponsored Images in Brave during select event dates, and is promoting Brave Ads ongoing for people to learn more, tweet support, and tune-in and provide much needed support for local businesses. 

We encourage the community to learn more and participate through Brave Ads to show their support for the #PayItForwardLIVE campaign. Here’s how: If you see a #PayItForwardLIVE ad notification in Brave, click the ad and follow the steps to publish a tweet about the campaign using the hashtags #PayItForwardLIVE and #BeBrave. Our team will be tipping people who click to tweet the Brave Ads and use the aforementioned hashtags to show support. In addition to tips, people that publish tweets about the #PayItForwardLIVE campaign (that include the hashtags) will be automatically eligible for daily official BAT/Brave merch kit giveaways.

Click here to learn more about how the Verizon #PayItForwardLIVE program is working with to support local businesses

Click here to purchase a digital gift card to support a small business in your community.

Click here to Tweet your support for #PayItForwardLIVE and become eligible to win official BAT/Brave merch kits.

Merch giveaway winners will be announced daily beginning next week (05/25) on the @BAT_Community Twitter page.

Visit to see the event calendar and to learn more about how you can help pay it forward to support local businesses you love.

Tutorial: How to connect your Reddit Community Points (Reddit Vault) to Brave (by Chriscat) 

An easy, step-by-step guide on connecting your Reddit Vault with Brave’s native Crypto Wallet (with screenshots)! 

News: Brave featured in the Business Post (Ireland): “Brave challenger to Google flips the dynamic to put the user first” (interview w/ Brave’s Marketing Lead, Des Martin)

The Business Post is the home of quality independent journalism with award winning comment and analysis.

Check it out here:

This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, find images promoting Verizon’s #PayItForwardLIVE campaign, as well as images from BlockFi (USA, Canada, AUS, NZ, and UK), Upland (US, UK), Tezos (global), and Orange (Romania) in Brave’s New Tab Page. 

These brands join a growing list of sponsors that includes Newegg, Western Digital, Khan Academy, BlockFi,, and eToro.

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia) 

Matt Christiansen, YouTuber & podcaster 

Matt enjoys talking  politics and culture from the refuge of a wilderness fortress (in Bozeman, Montana)! 

Matt organizes online group hangouts and real life meetups for his 200K+ subscribers and even encourages his supporters to take part in his show by phoning in questions.

Check out Matt’s YouTube channel:

Read Everipedia’s entry on Matt: 

Josh Jepson, YouTuber & Twitch streamer

Josh is best known for his gameplays of Banjo-Kazooie, Mario, Zelda, Portal, Fallout, Animal Crossing: New Horizons + more! 

He actively encourages his YouTube & Twitch community members to be welcoming & open-minded, to be honest, and to treat everyone with respect. That’s a policy we can get behind! 

(Fun fact: Banjo-Kazooie was Jennie’s favorite N64 game as a kid!) 

Josh’s YouTube channel:

Josh on Twitch: 

Read Everipedia’s entry on Josh:

Client Updates

Desktop Dev Channel v1.10.68

Desktop Beta Channel v1.10.67

Desktop Release Channel v1.9.72

Android Release Channel v1.9.74

Android Beta Channel v1.9.75

Brave for iOS v1.16.2

Please be sure to keep your Brave browser updated to the latest version at all times. This will allow you to stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes! 

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help. On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the app store. 

Brave Team Tweets

Brave CEO & Co-founder, Brendan Eich
Sr Software Engineer (Android), Sergey Zhukovsky
Sr Developer Relations, Jon Sampson
Sr Developer Relations, Jon Sampson
Marketing Leader & Business Development, Des Martin
Director of Business Development, Luke Mulks
Sr Blockchain Engineer, François Marier
Chief Information Security Officer, Yan Zhu

BAT/Brave in the News

Euractiv: EU data watchdog ‘very worried’ by Hungary’s GDPR suspension

The European Data Protection Board, the EU’s umbrella organisation overseeing the application of EU data protection rules across the bloc, has voiced its concern over the suspension of EU data protection rights in Hungary.

[…] As part of the 2019 annual report published on Monday, the organisation highlighted the importance of bolstering the EU’s data protection clout by sufficient resource allocation.

Jelinek told reporters on Monday that national data protection authorities across the EU “must be funded appropriately,” following a survey conducted by the board which found that most supervisory authorities “stated that resources made available to them are insufficient.”

In this vein, a recent report from the web browser Brave suggests that data regulators across the bloc are woefully understaffed with insufficient resources.

News You Should Know

Business Insider: How to update your LastPass password manager on Google Chrome to get the latest, most secure version

(Note: Brave offers support for nearly all extensions that are compatible with Chromium. See this guide on how to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.) 

A LastPass account offers something invaluable for browsing Google Chrome: password security, without having to memorize dozens of complex alphanumeric codes.

The free service, which runs smoothly in the background as a Chrome extension, stores and encrypts passwords. All that’s required of you is to create a master password.

While it’s savvy for Chrome users to use LastPass, they should also be mindful to keep the program updated: Using the newest version is paramount to the password manager’s effectiveness, since any security exploits will be patched in updates.

There may also be cool new features to play with when you download the newer versions of LastPass.

Read the full post here:

Vice: Congress Has No Idea How Much Web Browsing Data the FBI Collects

The Patriot Act is about to be reauthorized, but we still don’t know basic facts about how our web browsing habits are being tracked. 

With Congress looking to renew the PATRIOT Act, privacy advocates are scrambling to re-attach a provision that would prevent law enforcement agencies from collecting Americans’ web histories without a warrant.

But as usual, fighting the government’s secretive spying powers means taking shots in the dark. For one, Congress doesn’t even really know how much web browsing data federal agencies are collecting.

On Thursday, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) sent a letter to acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, asking whether the numbers disclosed in the government’s annual transparency report include the collection of web browsing data and search history. The report includes the number of “unique identifiers” collected by federal agencies under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, which allows for domestic mass-surveillance—but it’s unclear how those identifiers might apply to the collection of web browsing data.

Read the full post here:

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