The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 40 (May 1, 2020) — Brave v1.8.86 (desktop) features new Binance widget (the first exchange-browser integration of its kind), New data on GDPR enforcement agencies reveal why the GDPR is failing (blog), Brendan Eich interviewed by Wei Zhou (Binance CFO) on Binance Podcast: “Why Brave Built a Privacy Browser”

Announcement: Brave’s latest desktop browser update (1.8.86) features the Binance widget (the first exchange-browser integration of its kind), enabling seamless cryptocurrency trading and management

Today’s Brave desktop browser update features the Binance widget, the first exchange-browser integration of its kind. Brave and Binance announced their integration on March 24, and until today a preview version of the widget was featured in Brave’s Nightly and Beta versions for testing. Brave’s browser currently has over 13.5 million monthly active users, and Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and users; this integration enables millions of users across the globe to seamlessly trade and manage cryptocurrency, all without leaving the browser.

The Binance widget is easily accessible from the New Tab page in the Brave desktop browser. The integration offers several functions for managing, buying, and trading cryptocurrency:

  • Summary: Viewing Binance account asset balances
  • Deposit: Listing supported assets in the account, searching for specific assets, and viewing fiat value (Selecting an asset from this list will also reveal the deposit address in text and QRCode form)
  • Convert: Converting from one asset to another (A conversion quote is displayed for 30 seconds; the Binance widget reflects the new balance in the “summary” tab soon after the conversion has completed)
  • Buy: Buying and selling crypto assets (Purchases are reflected in the Binance widget shortly after they have concluded)

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Blog: New data on GDPR enforcement agencies reveal why the GDPR is failing (by Dr. Johnny Ryan)

Two years after the GDPR was first applied, the GDPR is now in danger of failing. Today, Brave reveals why: the governments of EU Member States have not given data protection authorities (DPAs) the tools they need to enforce the GDPR.

Brave has examined the number of tech specialists working in each DPA in the European Economic Area. (These are tech investigators who have training or roles that are principally technical.) Our data reveal just how few expert tech investigators are working to uncover private sector GDPR infringements. Even when wrongdoing is clear, DPAs hesitate to use their powers against major tech firms because they can not afford the cost of legally defending their decisions against ‘Big Tech’ legal firepower.

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Interview: Wei Zhou (Binance CFO) interviews Brendan Eich (Brave CEO) on Binance Podcast Ep. 39: “Why Brave Built a Privacy Browser”

Episode description: 

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to Brendan Eich. The CEO and founder of Brave, the company behind the privacy-focused Brave browser, shares his views about the tracking-driven browser industry. With more than 20 years of experience, Brendan and his team identified the need for a browser that respects the privacy of its users and rewards them for their activity. We discuss how the large tech corporations tend to abuse your privacy and profit from your browsing data, how Brave stands up against this practice, and what the future of internet browsing holds.

Video: Webinar: Watch Dr. Johnny Ryan’s (Brave’s Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer) presentation, “The Data Protection Crisis of Online Advertising”, at recent PrivSec webinar 

Brave has led a series of GDPR complaints in 16 EU countries against the vast data breach at the heart of the online advertising “real-time bidding” industry. Now, Brave has also filed a GDPR complaint against big tech internal data free-for-alls. Enforcement would be tantamount to a functional separation of the big walled garden’s businesses.

Watch Johnny’s presentation here:

Video (Greek): Watch Panos Papadopoulos’ (Security Researcher at Brave) recent presentation at Greek Cryptocurrency Community virtual meetup 

Panos’ presentation begins around the 1:19:14 mark.

Upcoming: Sneak peak of Brave’s self-serve advertiser dashboard (coming soon)


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This week, eToro and BlockFi return to Brave’s New Tab Page following the success of their recent campaigns, and in addition, joins the list of brands running sponsored campaigns in Brave. is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia) 

Alex Zedra, Twitch streamer 

Alex Zedra is best known for her Call of Duty gameplay & cosplay; she’s all about guns, gainz, & games! 

Check out Alex’s Twitch channel: 

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Didi Taihuttu, YouTuber (The Bitcoin Family on YouTube)

Channel description:

We sold all our belongings to invest in Bitcoin and  live our dream. We travel the world with a family of 5 and support Bitcoin to the fullest. Of course we love other cultures, their food, beaches, sunsets and all other beautiful things the world has to offer. Our channel will be a combo of videos about our life and some informational videos about Bitcoin, other crypto and blockchain.

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Client Updates

Desktop Dev Channel v1.9.52

Beta Channel v1.8.87

Desktop Release Channel v1.8.86

Brave Team Tweets

Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Dr. Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer
Dr. Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer

BAT/Brave in the News

Decrypt: Brave integrates Binance’s crypto widget

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency-friendly browser, Brave, today integrated a trading widget that taps into the world’s biggest and — to get the PR chumps back on our side — most noteworthy cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

The widget is the “first exchange-browser integration of its kind,” Brave said in a blog post. It lets Brave users buy, convert and deposit cryptocurrency from Binance, as well as see how much cryptocurrency they have deposited on Binance. Any Americans using the widget must make do with Binance.US.

Read the full text here:

Android Authority: Should you switch to the Brave Web Browser?

“You fought in the Browsers Wars?” asked Microsoft Edge. “Yes. I was once a Web Browser, the same as your father, ” said Internet Explorer 6. OK, that doesn’t quite have the same dynamic as Luke’s and Obi Wan’s conversation in a New Hope. However, the browser wars were a thing at one point. I also (wrongly) thought they were over, except for a few skirmishes. But once in a while someone, somewhere says to themselves, “What we need is another web browser.” At that point I would normally groan and move on. However, things are a little different with the Brave browser.

Historically a “new web browser” meant some nerd wanted to write a better HTML/CSS rendering engine and a super-fast JavaScript engine and then wrap a UI around it. The “engine” wars are basically over with the Chromium engine, called Blink, basically powering everything (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi). The notable exceptions are Firefox and Apple’s Safari.

The Brave browser uses Blink, so it isn’t special in that regard. What makes it special is its emphasis on making privacy and safety front and center. Let’s take a look at what this browser brings to the table in this Brave browser review.

News You Should Know

Laptop mag: Here’s the easiest way to protect your gaming accounts: Xbox Live, Nintendo, Steam and more

Gaming accounts have become a popular target for hackers in recent years. There are a number of examples in 2020 alone, including reports of numerous Nintendo Switch accounts being breached and companies like Epic looking to encourage users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) after a significant breach last year.

While this is a concerning trend, most gaming companies now support at least some form of 2FA, and enabling it across your accounts isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Read the full text here:

Forbes: Exclusive: Warning Over Chinese Mobile Giant Xiaomi Recording Millions Of People’s ‘Private’ Web And Phone Use

“It’s a backdoor with phone functionality,” quips Gabi Cirlig about his new Xiaomi phone. He’s only half-joking.

Cirlig is speaking with Forbes after discovering that his Redmi Note 8 smartphone was watching much of what he was doing on the phone. That data was then being sent to remote servers hosted by another Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, which were ostensibly rented by Xiaomi. 

The seasoned cybersecurity researcher found a worrying amount of his behavior was being tracked, whilst various kinds of device data were also being harvested, leaving Cirlig spooked that his identity and his private life was being exposed to the Chinese company.

Read the full text here:

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