The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 62 — Official Brave merch store now accepts BAT & ETH, Upcoming AMA with Chris (bat-chriscat), new fan-made sub for Brave Creators!

Announcement: The official Brave merch store now accepts payments in BAT and ETH!

Earlier this year, Brave unveiled its fully revamped Brave Swag Store, the official source for Brave and Basic Attention Token-branded merchandise such as apparel, home products, and accessories. The store is powered by Origin Protocol’s decentralized e-commerce platform, Dshop, and is hosted entirely on IPFS, without any tracking cookies or scripts. 

Our partnership with Origin for the Brave Swag Store represents a move away from old-world e-commerce solutions that track users and clash with Brave’s core privacy values, and a step forward in Brave’s progressive decentralization objectives. Today, we take another step in the direction of our goals with the launch of a new payment option for Brave Swag Store customers: Shoppers now can purchase official merchandise from the store with Basic Attention Token (BAT) or Ether (ETH).  Many users had been asking us for this option, and we’re thrilled to now offer it alongside the standard credit card payment option!

Read the full announcement here: 

Brave Team AMA: Upcoming AMA with Chris (/u/bat-chriscat), Technical Operations Coordinator at Brave (Sep. 29, 2020)

Event date, time, and location: Tuesday, September 29th at 10:30 – 11:30am Pacific Time on r/BATProject

About Chris: 
Hello, I’m Chris! I’m Technical Operations Coordinator at Brave, and on the BAT Community Team. Many of you may know me from Reddit, and some of you may have even met me at a conference or meetup. At Brave, I mainly do web development, technical support, speaking engagements, and produce content. But let me tell you a bit about my origin story.

I was born to Vietnamese immigrants who escaped as refugees following the Vietnam War, and grew up in the United States and Canada. In school, I was the most difficult kind of pupil: a troublemaker with good grades. I always challenged my teachers, asking “Why, why, why?”

For more details, and to submit questions for Chris, visit the AMA announcement thread: 

BAT/Brave fans: New, unofficial fan-made sub for everything Brave Creators: /r/bravecreators! 

Brave Creators is a huge part of the BAT project, so it deserves a new subreddit where the creators can showcase their own work. In the future, the sub could be somewhat similar to r/redbubble, I think.

This sub can be very important for the community and BAT, as it can be a place to support creators and to spread the word.” — u/fruitspunch-samuraiG 

Check it out: 

We love this initiative and we are totally in support of community-run, dedicated space for Brave Creators to share, showcase, and discuss their content! Of course, Brave Creators are also encouraged to share their work on /r/BATProject in the Weekly BAT Discussion Thread! With nearly 46K members on /r/BATProject now, opportunity is ripe to gain some exposure for your content.

Fan Art: “I’m going around making animations of all my favorite projects I support! Here’s one for the Brave browser, hope you enjoy :)” 

Big love. Don’t forget to tip u/purgarus if you like what you see. 😉 

WIN: Enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes using BAT for a chance to win an Apple HomePod + Apple Music subscription!

Brave users with Uphold-verified wallets can now enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes with BAT for a chance to win an Apple HomePod + Apple Music.

HomePod is a breakthrough speaker that adapts to its location and delivers high-fidelity audio wherever it’s playing. Together with Apple Music, it creates an entirely new way for you to discover and interact with music at home. Other sweepstakes offerings from TAP include digital gift cards of your choice from hundreds of retailers including amazing brands like Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, Nintendo and more!

To enter the sweepstakes head over to the TAP Sweepstakes page and choose the sweepstakes you want to enter. Then, enter as many times as you desire—it costs less than 1 BAT per entry! 

If you haven’t verified your Brave Rewards wallet, the TAP marketplace provides a range of options for you to redeem your earned BAT for gift cards, sweepstakes, and to support causes. 

This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, ProtonMail has joined Brave’s New Tab Page Sponsored Image rotation. ProtonMail is a free, encrypted email service. They are the world’s largest secure email service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists. ProtonMail is also open source and protected by Swiss privacy law. 

Learn more at

This week also saw sponsored images from returning sponsors BlockFi,, and eToro. 

Our growing list of New Tab Page sponsors includes: Verizon, PayPal, Intel, Newegg, Western Digital, The Home Depot, Chipotle, Khan Academy, Koodo Mobile, and more. 

See our Case Studies for more about Sponsored Images and how they can help promote your business: 

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia

Verified Brave publisher, 

Blockchain Cuties is a new collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike. Each cutie is unique and 100% belongs to you. You get to collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, arm them and even level them up! In-game economy lets you trade cuties using smart contracts on Ethereum, EOS, TRON and NEO blockchains. Each cutie, which is a non-fungible, can be transferred or sold to other players just like a regular cryptocurrency. is verified with Brave!:

Read about the history of Blockchain Cuties on Everipedia: 

Client Updates

Desktop Nightly Channel v1.16.39

Desktop Dev Channel v1.15.63

Desktop Beta Channel v1.15.61

Release Channel v1.14.84

Android Release Channel v1.14.86

Stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes by keeping your Brave browser updated to the latest version! 

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help;

On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the Play or iOS app stores.

Brave Team Tweets

Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development
Yan Zhu, Chief Information Security Officer
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations

BAT/Brave in the News

ZDNet: An LG executive dumped Google’s Chrome for a surprising reason

Are browsers an emotional issue for everyone? Or just for those who’ve had Microsoft’s Edge descend upon them like a guillotine from the sky? Many people seem to just accept a certain browser and live with it for far longer than they really should. But then there’s LG’s global corporate communications chief Ken Hong. I happened upon his strong feelings as I was browsing Twitter, desperate for a feeling of hope.


Sin mused: “Seriously is wild how I googled a foldable bike once or twice a couple weeks ago and I’ve been getting bike ads on Facebook, IG, everywhere. the level to which these companies all team up and know everything about us is wild.”

This is something that’s become wildly normal in digital life. Brands follow you around in the belief that they can pester you into submission. Because that’s how marketing works, right?

Hong, though, made a dramatic declaration. He replied to Sin: “I had a similar eye-opening incident like that happen 2 years ago which led to me deleting my [Facebook] account and dumping Chrome for Brave.”

Read the full text here: 

The Markup: I Scanned the Websites I Visit with Blacklight, and It’s Horrifying. Now What?

The Markup recently launched Blacklight, a free, instant privacy-inspection tool. Enter any website, and it reveals how you may be tracked when you visit the site, names the companies receiving your data, and explains what the trackers are doing—some of them watch your every mouse move and record your every keystroke. Trust us, it’s more than you’re expecting, raising the question: What can you do about it?

One option is to ensure your web browser is protecting your privacy. In this guide, we’ll walk through some of the different techniques used to track people across the web and detail what each of the major browsers does, or doesn’t do, to circumvent it.

I’m kind of in a hurry. What’s the bare minimum I need to know?

O.K., O.K. We get it—you’re busy. Here’s the TL;DR:

Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Safari offer stronger privacy protections by default than you get from Chrome, which is the world’s most popular browser. Tor is the most secure browser, but because of that a lot of sites won’t load properly on Tor.

Read the full text here: 

News You Should Know

Hashoshi: Yubikey 5C NFC Review! // The BEST Hardware Security Key?!

At long last, the Yubikey 5C NFC has launched, offering the widest compatibility with mobile, laptop and desktop devices for login and two factor authentication mechanisms! Hashoshi breaks down his initial impressions and a review after using Yubico’s latest Yubikey 5 series device!

Watch the review here: 

Bankless: Banking Without A Bank 

Dear Bankless Nation,

The world is going bankless.

We’re getting closer to the point where people don’t need a bank to bank.

Savings accounts, mutual funds, mobile payments—these can be replaced by a bankless alternative….today! Alternatives that are better than incumbents options—alternatives that are accessible to anyone in the world with a smartphone!

Jeremy’s article today is a perfect recap for someone new to the bankless journey. And for you veterans it provides a good perspective on how far we’ve come.

Just think—a year ago most of these things didn’t exist—at least not to the level they do now. DeFi is innovating at unprecedented speeds.

We are pioneers among the first millions starting the bankless journey.

Billions yet to come.

Read the full post here: 

Coindesk: Peer-to-peer commerce company Origin is announcing Origin Dollars, or OUSD, a stablecoin whose reserves leverage decentralized finance (DeFi) so that balances grow wherever it resides, no staking or account required.

“One thing we’ve all seen in DeFi is a much smaller audience gets it. The barrier to entry is much higher,” Matthew Liu, Origin’s cofounder, told CoinDesk in a phone call. “We want to make DeFi much more accessible.”

OUSD will be backed one-for-one by the three big stablecoins on Ethereum: Tether’s USDT, Circle and Coinbase’s USDC and MakerDAO’s DAI. Users can mint OUSD by depositing any of those three into Origin’s new app, or they can just buy it on Uniswap. Either way, the OUSD will just start growing in their wallet, no further action needed. 

Read the full text here: 

Also check out and Origin’s announcement blog on OUSD to learn more. 

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