The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 72 — Brave surpasses 22.2M monthly active users & 7.4M daily active users, Brave R&D: seeking Ph.D. interns, Luke Mulks on under CTRL Podcast!

Brave user growth stats update (November 2020): 22.2M monthly active users & 7.4M daily active users

A warm welcome to our new users, and thank you to our existing users! Together we are headed to infinity (and beyond)! 

Verizon #PayItForwardLive campaign awarded “Best campaign for redefining home entertainment” by Twitter Marketing. Brave is honored to have joined Verizon for this campaign to support small businesses.

Thank you to everyone for tuning in to the live performances and for tweeting awareness for #PayItForwardLive via Brave Ads! 

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[Seeking interns] Pete Snyder (Senior Privacy Researcher at Brave) on Twitter: “Brave summer internship search has started! I’m looking for Ph.D. students interested in Web privacy, w/ research and dev experience. DM if interested.”

We would love to work with you this summer! Get in touch with Pete on Twitter (@Pes10K) to apply today. 

See the full post here:

Brave is taking part in MyCrypto’s MyCrypto Winter campaign, designed to help you optimize your privacy & security online. Check in daily for new tips & for a chance to win prizes all month long. 

The Tip Of The Day for December 4th involves Brave!

Luke Mulks on the under CTRL Podcast — Brave: Redesigned Browsing and Advertising Experience

Luke describes Brave as a “privacy browser with the first kind of integrated global private ad and reward platform”. By blocking trackers that allow platforms to create detailed audience profiles, Brave provides users with a “real clean start” and a browser experience that’s 3 times faster than Google.

Having started his career in advertising, Luke is one of the many marketing professionals who witnessed the rise of tech monopolies and became alarmed at the industry’s approach to data and targeting.

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This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, Brave welcomes Coinbse, Cayman Enterprise City, and Help the Persecuted to the New Tab Page! It also welcomes back returning sponsors, BitPay, BlockFi, Nexo. 

Our ever-expanding list of New Tab Page sponsors includes: PayPal, Verizon, Intel, Newegg, Western Digital, The Home Depot, Chipotle, Khan Academy, and more. 

To learn about how Sponsored Images can help promote your business, check out our Case Studies: 

Brave Team Tweets

Des Martin, Head of Marketing
Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development
Brian Bondy, Co-founder & CTO
Jon Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Jon Sampson, Senior Developer Relations

BAT/Brave in the News

VentureBeat: Gala Games paves path for blockchain games in a deal with Brave

Gala Games, a blockchain games startup that Zynga cofounder Eric Schiermeyer help create, cut a little-noticed but very interesting promotional deal this week with Brave, the maker of the privacy-focused Brave Software web browser. And their deal shows a path for how blockchain-based game companies can survive and even thrive as they wait for their big audiences and big hits to come.

Blockchain games have a chicken-and-egg problem. They have cool technology — the transparent and secure distributed ledger technology behind tokens and cryptocurrencies — that makes them more appealing for gamers. But they are also so new that most gamers don’t understand how they work, and so they have small audiences. But those audiences are enthusiastic, and they spend a lot of money. The result is that they could siphon off some of the biggest spenders and savviest gamers, and become profitable as a niche until the day comes when larger audiences see their value and better blockchain games come along. The challenge is to create blockchain games that are simple to play and can ultimately drive huge audiences in the long run.

Read the full text here: 

News You Should Know

What’s Next on the Horizen with Rob Viglione – The Tatiana Show Ep. 284 

Rob Viglione from Horizen Labs returns to the show to talk about what’s new with the project and the state of the union with crypto overall! The conversation kicks off with Josh discussing his recent experience with crypto lending, and Rob talks about why he’s both skeptical and excited about what the De-Fi trend means for both crypto and physical-world economics. Rob gives his thoughts on the recent de-listing of some privacy-centered currencies by exchanges, and the careful balance crypto projects have to strike between privacy and compliance. He also spills the dirt on the new initiatives Horizen has in the pipeline, including new partnerships and innovations the company is experimenting with. Plus, a great primer on what exactly Horizen is and how it works for those unfamiliar with the project, discussions about decentralization and how to make crypto more mainstream, and predictions for 2021!

About the Guest:
Rob is a former physicist and mathematician with experience working on Bitshares, BlockPay, Zclassic, Seasteading and Bitgate. He’s currently a PhD Candidate in Finance researching cryptofinance and teaching “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance.

Rob holds an MBA in Finance & Marketing and the PMP certification. He is a passionate libertarian who advocates peace, freedom, and respect for individual life.

Tune in here: 

[Week in Ethereum News] MyCrypto Winter returns; an advent calendar with security tips (and prizes!)

Welcome to the third annual #MyCryptoWinter event! Throughout the month of December, new tips will be revealed each day with action items to complete. These action items are angled towards improving your online life — from privacy to security and everything in-between.

Want to win prizes? Share these tips throughout the month on Twitter with the hashtag #MyCryptoWinter to be automatically entered to win one of many prize packs, filled with prizes from our partners.

MyCrypto Members get 3 extra entries – get a membership and redeem your entries!

Visit for more details.

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