The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 73 — Introducing Brave Today, new private news reader on Brave desktop & iOS, Des Martin (Brave Head of Marketing) on Cryptonites, Brave goes viral on TikTok!

Announcement: Introducing Brave Today, the new privacy-preserving news reader integrated into the browser. Features personalized & customizable content from hundreds of sources powered by Brave’s new private CDN, as well as Brave Offers for e-commerce

Brave Software announced a new privacy-preserving content stream seamlessly integrated into the browser called Brave Today. The Brave Today news reader is accessible below the new tab page and is delivered anonymously to the user’s browser via Brave’s new private content delivery network (CDN). When users scroll down to fetch the feed on a new tab page they will discover links to content published by major media outlets in 15 different categories, including global news, business and finance, sports, fashion, food, lifestyle, tech and crypto news, and they can easily customize their stream. Brave Today is available via the Brave browser on both iOS and desktop devices.

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Watch our video on Brave Today: 

Learn about Brave’s Private Content Delivery Network: 

Learn about How we Choose and Rank Content in Brave Today: 

Brave Complies With Apple iOS Guidelines, Will Continue to Innovate for Users and Creators They Support

Today Brave is releasing a new version (1.22) of its iOS browser in order to comply with recent stipulations made by Apple. In a nutshell, Brave users on iPhones and iPads will no longer be able to earn rewards for their attention, and will no longer be able to tip their favorite online creators via Brave. These changes to our Brave Rewards system do not apply to our desktop and Android browsers.

Around the iOS 14 release, Apple raised some concerns about our iOS app and deemed that Brave Rewards was not compliant with their guidelines 3.1.1 and 3.2.2, and required immediate remedies. Brave Rewards is built on the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and is a new way to value attention, connecting users, content creators, and advertisers. Users are rewarded in BAT with 70% of the ad revenue share of the privacy-preserving ads they opt into viewing, and they can support content creators they love by rewarding them with BAT. There are currently over 985,000 Brave verified content creators.

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Video Interview: Des Martin (Brave Head of Marketing) on Cryptonites: Brave Software VS Chrome, Internet / Web 3.0 & Basic Attention Token Ecosystem (BAT)!

Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain Buddies across the globe! We hope you are all doing well.

Welcome Back to Cryptonites, the NO BS Blockchain Channel built with and for the community, supported by Cryptoslate. We’re very proud to present this season finale interview shot in our London rooftop studio. 

We sat down with Des Martin, Head of Marketing at Brave Software to discuss the value of data ownership and privacy with a close reference to Don Tapscott’s “Blockchain Revolution” and taking control of personal data. He also dives deep into new market disruptors that will keep our data private and his personal views on the rise of Defi, Web 3.0 and crypto adoption.

Check out the fan video that made Brave go viral on TikTok this week! 

Thank you for the shoutout, imaddictedtowatcheshelp! *party parrot* 

YouTuber RealToughCandy shares her experience: “My first week using the Brave browser” 

“Brave is the latest and greatest in privacy-minded web browsing. But does it live up to the hype? Well today I’m sharing with you my experiences using Brave Browser after after exactly one week.”

This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, Brave welcomes Keurig, Gala Games, and Bittrex to the New Tab Page, and welcomes back returning sponsors, Tresorit, eToro, and BlockFi! 

Our ever-expanding list of New Tab Page sponsors includes: PayPal, Verizon, Intel, Newegg, Western Digital, The Home Depot, Chipotle, Khan Academy, Coinbase, and more. 

To learn about how Sponsored Images can help promote your business, check out our Case Studies: 

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia

Gift Egwuenu on YouTube

Gift Egwuenu is a Nigerian front-end web developer who also runs a successful tech, lifestyle & career channel on YouTube! 

Gift is a Media Developer Expert at Cloudinary, an Auth0 Ambassador, and Nuxt.js Ambassador. She is dedicated to building open and inclusive communities; she started the Vue Vixens chapter in Nigeria (which is a by-women, for-women front-end community) and the JAMstack community in Lagos.

Channel description: 

Hey! My name is Gift Egwuenu. I’m a Software Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria and I’m passionate about making the web accessible to everyone and the open-source community. I’m also a huge photography fan and lover.

Subscribe to my channel — I’ll be doing tech tutorials, lifestyle videos, and vlogging along the way too.

Check out Gift’s channel on YouTube:

Read about Gift Egwuenu on Everipedia: 

Client Updates

Desktop Nightly Channel v1.20.24

Desktop Dev Channel v1.19.57

Desktop Beta Channel v1.19.54

Desktop release channel v1.18.70

Brave for iOS v1.22

Available from the iOS App Store

Stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes by keeping your Brave browser updated to the latest version at all times.  

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help. On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the Play or iOS App Stores.

Brave Team Tweets

Brendan Eich, CEO
Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development
Jon Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Jon Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Jon Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Brendan Eich, CEO

BAT/Brave in the News

Gizmdo: Brave Releases Privacy-Focused News Reader

Brave is continuing its war against data-collection giants like Google with the introduction of a privacy-centered news reader to its privacy-centered web browser.

The company announced the launch of the Brave Today news reader on Thursday, and people who already use its browser don’t need to do anything to check out the new feature. It’s right there on the home page when a new window is opened. Outside of the privacy protections, Brave Today should be a fairly familiar experience. Scrolling down the page displays a running feed of stories pulled from hundreds of news outlets that are sortable by category. Clicking “customize” allows you to disable any outlet of your choosing. It’s like Google News but less cluttered on the visual level.

Read the full text here: 

The Register: Google Chrome’s crackdown on ad blockers and browser extensions, Manifest v3, is now available in beta

Google, which makes most of its money from online ads, insists it wants ad blockers to continue working under the latest, more locked-down iteration of its Chrome browser extension platform, known as Manifest v3. […] 

Others are already convinced Manifest v3 remains unfixed. “Although we appreciate the problems of unsafe extensions addressed in part by Manifest v3, we view Manifest v3 as doing serious harm to privacy,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave Software, in an email to The Register. “Manifest v3 removes or degrades capabilities needed by top tracking-prevention extensions. Whether intended or accidental, this looks likely to advance Google’s dominance in privacy-invading web advertising.” 

Eich’s organization makes a competing web browser, Brave, that’s based on the open-source Chromium project overseen by Google, and it implements a variety of privacy-focused changes. According to Peter Snyder, senior privacy researcher at Brave, Manifest v3 still imposes limits on rules lists that are too low and provides no current syntax to easily say “block something with these six query parameters, in any order,” which he argues is necessary to target tracking tools.

Read the full text here: Brave Today is a news reader integrated on Brave’s New Tab Page

Brave Software, the company that is behind the web browser of the same name, announced the release of Brave Today on the official company website.

Brave Today is a news reader that is integrated into the web browser. While that is not that special, considering that other browsers may also display news or content from around the Web on the new tab page, it is privacy-preserving according to the company.

Read the full text here: 

News From Our Partners

WIN: Enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes with BAT for a chance to win an iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, or Xbox Series X! 

All Brave users with Uphold-verified wallets are eligible to participate in TAP Network’s ongoing sweepstakes. To view open sweepstakes and enter, head over to the TAP Marketplace Sweepstakes page, select your desired sweepstakes, and enter and enter as many times as you desire!

Other sweepstakes offerings from TAP include one-of-a-kind music experiences, limited-edition sports gear and memorabilia, as well as digital gift cards from hundreds of retailers including brands like Amazon, Gamestop, Nintendo, and more.

If you haven’t verified your Brave Rewards wallet yet, the TAP marketplace provides a range of options for you to redeem your earned BAT for gift cards, sweepstakes, and to support causes like Know Your Rights Camp and #HashtagLunchbag!

Visit the TAP Rewards Market for Brave Users: 

See recent winners here: 

[via Publish0x] Splinterlands Anticipates Sellout in Third and Final Discounted Land Presale — December 19th

After the first and second stages of the Splinterlands Land Presale on November 7th and November 28th, Splinterlands collectors, investors and players are looking to the third and final discounted presale for land. This virtual land will be used in the upcoming Splinterlands Land Expansion, which will be released in 2021. More details about the ways in which these lands will be implemented into the Splinterlands ecosystem can be found at THIS POST on the Splinterlands blog.

In the November 7th sale with the greatest possible discount of 50%, 30,000 plot claims were sold out in a mere 21 seconds. In the second stage on November 28th, 30,000 claims were sold out in less than an hour at a discount of 40% off.

(Reminder to Brave users: You can now spend BAT directly in Splinterlands to purchase cards, booster packs, potions, and other magical game items!

News You Should Know

Bankless: 10 Best Gifts for Crypto Lovers 🎁

Dear Bankless Nation,

It’s that time of the year. The time for giving!

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get for your crypto friends or that crypto curious family member we got you covered today.

This is a list of our favorite gifts for new pioneers exploring the digital frontier.

Whether it’s a new Ledger Nano X wallet to go bankless (now supporting Eth2!) or something more exotic like a digital beast from Lunacia, there’ve never been a better year for crypto gifts.

Here’s what we found for this holiday season.


Read the full post here: 

The Power of AtomicDEX with Komodo’s Jason Brown – The Tatiana Show Ep. 285

Komodo Platform’s Jason Brown joins the show today to talk all about AtomicDEX, its new cryptocurrency wallet & trading platform that aims to be the most advanced, highest-performance decentralized exchange (DEX) system around. Learn all about what DEX and atomic swaps mean for the evolution of trading and how the platform seeks to outperform traditional exchanges in both security and speed. Jason & Josh also have a lively discussion about how governments are responding to decentralized computing. Plus hear all about what’s coming around the bend for Komodo & AtomicDEX, as well as how you can participate in their public “stress test!”

About the Guest:

Jason Brown is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. Introduced to blockchain technology in 2012, he has become an avid supporter of the Komodo Platform project, since its inception in 2014 while it was under the name SuperNET. Beginning in 2016, he has assumed the role of head of Business Development and focuses tirelessly on integrating blockchain technology into different services and industries.

Tune in here: 

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