The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 78 — Brendan Eich (BAT CEO) on the Lex Fridman Podcast, THEMIS RFC&C Update, BAT Ambassadors: Apply Today!

BAT Ambassadors: Help us take BAT to the next level in 2021!

Hello, BAT Community!

We will soon be relaunching our BAT Ambassadors program (formerly, BAT Regional Leaders), which is focused on building a strong team of representatives—BAT Ambassadors—from around the world who will help establish and grow communities of BAT fans in their regions.

If you know BAT/Brave is the next big thing and you think you can help take it to the next level, then we want you to join us!

Apply here: 

Brendan Eich (BAT CEO) on the Lex Fridman Podcast Ep. 160 — JavaScript, Firefox, Mozilla, and Brave

A big deal. Tune in:


A month ago we announced an RFC&C for the THEMIS protocol which is meant to progressively decentralize the Brave/BAT Ads infrastructure, while providing users and advertisers with the ability to verify that the protocol is properly computing user rewards. 

Today we are excited to share some of the progress we have made in the past month.

Read the full update here: 

Brave and IPFS — Highlights from Brian Bondy & Dietrich Ayala’s AMA + BAT Community Podcast Interview

Welcome to the latest post in our series of BAT Community-run AMAs. 

The ongoing AMA series is an opportunity for our users and fans to get to know the Brave team, and, as of recently, guests from Brave’s partners.  

Read the full post here: 

Brian Bondy, Brave’s CTO & Co-Founder, and Dietrich Ayala, Ecosystem Lead at IPFS, participated in the latest Ask Me Anything on r/IAmA, a sub-community of Reddit (known to Redditors as “subreddits”) made up of over twenty million members and dedicated to interactive question-and-answer interviews (AMAs) of all varieties. The AMA received 4.6K upvotes and 17 awards from Redditors, ranging from “Helpful” to “Platinum”.

Watch the interview: 

TESTIMONIAL: Redeeming last month’s rewards in the TAP network for Starbucks coffee – again.

I just wanted to show everyone that you can easily redeem your Brave/BAT rewards in the TAP network. It takes 2 minutes…

Brian Bondy (Brave CTO & Co-founder) on Twitter: “Looking to hire a front end engineer for our upcoming cryptocurrency wallet. Apply here.”

MEETUP: BAT Indonesia Virtual Meetup — #BraveTogetherID Februari 2021

Hosted by the wonderful Viking Karwur. 

Event details: 

Reminder: You can buy official BAT/Brave merchandise from the Brave Swag Store with BAT (on-chain)!

The store also accepts ETH and credit cards. 


This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, PayPal, AAX, eToro, Tresorit, Bitpay, Gala Games,, and BlockFi all return to the New Tab Page following the success of their recent Sponsored Images campaigns.

Our ever-expanding list of New Tab Page sponsors includes: PayPal, Verizon, Intel, Newegg, Western Digital, The Home Depot, Chipotle, Khan Academy, Coinbase, American Eagle, and more. 

To learn about how Sponsored Images can help promote your business, check out our Case Studies: 

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia) 

Crypto Coin Show on YouTube

We interview investors, startups, and the greatest minds in cryptocurrency and blockchain, to prepare you with the knowledge to succeed in the blockchain industry.

We’ve been involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain since the dawn of Ethereum back in 2013. Shortly after, the Crypto Coin Show was born. We followed the markets closely from the DAO Hack, the initial rise of XRP and ETH to the 2017 Bitcoin Bull run and back down. With new videos released multiple times per week, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to never miss an interview!

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Client Updates

Desktop Nightly Channel v1.22.22

Desktop Dev Channel v1.21.52

Desktop Beta Channel v1.21.53

Brave Release Channel v1.20.103

Stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes by keeping your Brave browser updated to the latest version at all times.  

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help. On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the Play or iOS App Stores. 

Brave Team Tweets

Yan Zhu, Chief Information Security Officer
Luke Mulks, VP of Business Operations
Brendan Eich, CEO

BAT/Brave in the News

Why a tweet from California’s AG about a global privacy tool has companies scrambling

From retail brands to small publishers, a flurry of companies have been calling privacy lawyer Dominique Shelton Leipzig about a recent tweet from the California Attorney General regarding a new global privacy opt-out tool called Global Privacy Control. The successor to Do Not Track has some in the media and ad industry scrambling to understand its implications for complying with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and future privacy regulation.


Any tangible impact of the browser tool is contingent on more adoption by publishers and ad tech firms, as well as people who don’t already use ad blockers or other privacy controls, suggested Bannister. However, he doesn’t expect a negative financial outcome for CafeMedia’s publisher partners if there is wider adoption, in part because the tool hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. “We’re not expecting any impact on ad revenue,” he said, in part because “for now, the users who are enabling GPC are already using browsers like Brave [which enables GPC in its desktop and Android browsers] or ad blockers, so we won’t see any impact.”

Read the full text here: 

News You Should Know

Gamestopocalypse: How Reddit Bankrupted a Hedge Fund with Mati Greenspan – The Tatiana Show Ep. 293

How did a bunch of stock enthusiasts on an internet message board bring down a massive hedge fund using a video game store? Mati Greenspan joins the show to talk about the Gamestop short squeeze, in which a group of Reddit users cost short sellers billions by buying up shares in the failing game retailer chain. Why did they do it? Who was behind it? And what does it mean for the future of stock trading? And what happened with consumer trading app Robinhood?

Tune in here: 

[Week in Ethereum News] Status: Private messengers: what can they really see?

This article aims to provide a fair and thorough comparison of the current private messaging apps in terms of their privacy, security, and anonymity†. However, it must be abundantly clear that this post is written by Status (one of the above messengers). We strongly encourage you to verify our sources, do your own due diligence, and correct us if we are wrong.

†For the purposes of simplicity for the average reader, anonymity will be defined as a complete dissociation of one’s chat identity and their true identity.

Read the full text here: 

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