The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 49 (Jul 6, 2020) — New data shows publisher revenue impact of cutting 3rd party trackers (blog), Brendan Eich presenting at Binance “Off the Charts!” free virtual conference, Jon Sampson on the JavaScript Jabber Podcast

Blog: New data shows publisher revenue impact of cutting 3rd party trackers

In January, the Dutch national broadcaster, NPO, switched off 3rd party tracking ad targeting. NPO has an online video audience of 7.1 million per month, and display reach of 5.8 million per month.[1]

Revenue impact

I have examined Ster’s revenue figures, and have their permission to share the results of their change.

In January 2020, when NPO switched from tracking-based targeting to contextual targeting, revenue increased 61% more than January 2019. In February, revenue increased 76% over the previous year. In the following month the Netherlands experienced an economic shock from the Covid-19 pandemic, and Dutch economists predicted a recession.[6] Even so, despite revenue increased 18% in March over the previous year, 8% in April, and 19% in May.

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Brendan Eich (Brave CEO) presenting at Binance “Off the Charts!” FREE virtual conference (July 14, 2020)

Event Date & Time: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 @ 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (UTC)

On July 14, 2020, join Binance as we kick off our third anniversary with one of the biggest blockchain events of the year.

Get the latest news and updates on all things blockchain and crypto, and take an exclusive look at what’s coming next at our “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference, a blockbuster 10-hour live event with multi-regional programming that brings together 80+ influential speakers, including leading blockchain and crypto innovators, business and technology leaders, influential academics, and key policymakers.

Expect to hear the latest insights on the blockchain ecosystem from some of the industry’s most prominent leaders and visionaries. Join our can’t-miss event with powerful talks, breakthrough panels, opportunities to win prizes, and much more.

Official Eventbrite event (Register for free here): 

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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 48 (Jun 29, 2020) — BAT Apollo decentralization, Android hotfix released in v1.10.99, Brave in Newegg boxes!

Blog: Brave’s R&D team unveils THEMIS, a novel privacy-by-design ad platform that requires zero trust from both users and advertisers. This decentralized protocol further improves upon the current BAT-based ad ecosystem.

This post describes the work done by Gonçalo Pestana, Research Engineer, Iñigo Querejeta-Azurmendi, Cryptography Engineer, Dr. Panos Papadopoulos, Research Scientist, and Dr. Ben Livshits, Chief Scientist; this post is also part of a series that focuses on further progressive decentralization for Brave ads.

Note: THEMIS is primarily a research effort for now and does not constitute a commitment regarding product plans around Brave Rewards.

The whitepaper introducing the Basic Attention Token (BAT) [1] was released mid 2017 and, since then, BAT has been used by millions of users, advertisers, and publishers, each using and earning BAT through the Brave Browser (Figure 1) [2].  It has been a long ride since 2017 and we’re very proud that BAT is acknowledged as one of the most successful use cases for decentralized ledgers and utility tokens.

In line with these goals, Brave’s research team has been working on a decentralized and privacy-by-design protocol that further improves upon the current BAT-based ad ecosystem. In this first post in a series of blog posts, we present THEMIS: a novel privacy-by-design ad platform that requires zero trust from both users and advertisers alike. THEMIS provides auditability to all participants, rewards users for interacting with ads, and allows advertisers to verify the performance and billing reports of their ad campaigns. In this blog series, we describe the THEMIS protocol and its building blocks. In the next post, we will present a preliminary scalability evaluation of THEMIS in a deployment environment.

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Blog: California Privacy Rights Act to define and limit “cross-context behavioral advertising” by Brave’s Dr. Johnny Ryan

A court decision on Friday (19 June 2020) makes it highly likely that Californians will vote on the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the successor to the CCPA. Disclosure: I have contributed to the text of this bill

On Friday, a decision at the Sacramento County Superior Court cleared a bureaucratic hurdle that would have delayed a referendum on the California Privacy Rights Act for two years.[1] The Act will now be voted on in November 2020, as planned.

Polling conducted by Mr Mac Taggart in late 2019 shows that 88% of Californians say they will vote in favor of the ballot initiative.[2] Only 4% say they would vote to oppose it.

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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 47 — Sync v2 available now for testing in Brave Nightly (desktop), interview w/ David Liebowitz from Everipedia + PredIQt, Enter sweepstakes at TAP Network’s rewards market for Brave users & win digital gift cards!

Brave Sync v2 (preview): Our new Sync functionality is available now in our Nightly desktop version for testing, and is landing in our general release for desktop and mobile in a matter of weeks! 

Brave Sync v2 is now available for desktop-to-desktop sync testing in our Nightly desktop build. Sync bookmarks, history, settings, and more! Try it out and let us know what you think: 

Please note: Nightly is our testing and development version of Brave. The releases are updated every night and may contain bugs that can result in data loss. Nightly automatically sends us crash reports when things go wrong.

Sync v2 for desktop and mobile is just a few more weeks away from landing in Brave general release. 

Jennie interviews David Liebowitz, President of Business Development at Everipedia + PedIQt

David joins Jennie to discuss Brave & Everipedia’s collaboration to spotlight new and noteworthy Brave Creators, how Everipedia’s inclusivity and no-notability policy makes it possible for anyone to contribute to their digital encyclopedia, and how Everipedia encourages users to participate in the governance of its knowledge base by using a blockchain-based incentive & rewards model for creating and curating content. 

David also introduces Everipedia’s brand new decentralized prediction market, PedIQt which is built on the blockchain and is powered by Everipedia’s IQ token. PedIQt allows EOS users anywhere in the world to create a market on any future event, and allows any user to purchase and trade shares in the outcomes of those events.

Listen to the interview in The Weekly BAT Podcast, linked at the top of this post.

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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 46 (Jun 12, 2020) — r/BATProject surpasses 40K members, Verified Uphold wallets (withdrawals) on Android coming this week (v1.10), Brave Nightly is now available for download on the Google Play store!

BATProject growth: We are thrilled to share that /r/BATProject recently surpassed 40K members! It was just over a year ago that we celebrated 25K. We’re both grateful and amazed at the growth from then to now. Thank you for being part of our community! 

We couldn’t be happier about the community we’ve built and will continue to build together. 

Together, we’ll show the world how BAT & Brave are helping to create a better Internet, where users are in control of their experience, their data, and where their attention is fairly priced & rewarded. 

Should we have a Brave Together party to celebrate? 🙂 

Exciting news: Verified Uphold wallets (withdrawals) on Android coming next week in v1.10! Mobile phone with rightwards arrow at left It’s finally here! Here’s everything you need to know.

Dear Brave & BAT Community,

With a new app upgrade (v1.10) this week, we are excited to announce that Android will be supporting User Wallets (verified wallets)! Verified User Wallets on Android will allow Brave Android users to transfer and sync their Brave Rewards BAT balances with an Uphold account. Remember, You do not need to use this functionality to continue using Brave Rewards.

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The Daily Chain: Brave launches limited edition browser in collaboration with K-Pop’s BTS

The browser has also given the crypto industry a great deal of exposure by taking cryptocurrencies to the screens of millions of Brave users. Now, the company is taking a giant leap with its recent partnership with the Korean pop group BTS and popular e-sports team Rush Gaming to provide a limited edition release of its browser for residents of Japan. 

Japan is one of the world’s biggest crypto and blockchain hotspots, the collaboration with BTS — AKA the Bangtan Boys, a boy band with fans all over the globe, will be a major boost for the browser and the crypto industry as well. This is the first known collaboration between a privacy-based browser like Brave and a popular pop band. 

Reported by local news outlet Nikkei, the collaborations will focus on finding a new touchpoint between idols and fans. The limited-edition browser will also allow fans to earn points by watching ads to support Rush Gaming’s e-sports team.

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