The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 82 — Why Brave Disables FLoC (Blog); BAT Ambassadors: How to Apply; AMA w/ Brendan Eich (BAT CEO) In Russian Publication, Tjournal!

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BAT/Brave Announcements

BLOG: Google’s FLoC proposal harms user privacy, under the guise of being privacy-friendly. Here’s why Brave disables FLoC and how we are building a Web that serves users first.

FLoC is a recent Google proposal that would have your browser share your browsing behavior and interests by default with every site and advertiser with which you interact. Brave opposes FLoC, along with any other feature designed to share information about you and your interests without your fully informed consent. To protect Brave users, Brave has removed FLoC in the Nightly version of both Brave for desktop and Android. The privacy-affecting aspects of FLoC have never been enabled in Brave releases; the additional implementation details of FLoC will be removed from all Brave releases with this week’s stable release. Brave is also disabling FLoC on our websites, to protect Chrome users learning about Brave.

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PODCAST: The Brave Marketer Podcast Ep. 3: John Marshall, Head of NA Digital Activation at HP, discusses the death of the 3rd party cookie

This week on #TheBraveMarketer Podcast, John Marshall, Head of NA Digital Activation at HP, discusses the death of the 3rd party cookie.

Over the past six years at HP, John’s helped establish an HP owned advertising stack, an in-house media agency as well as standards and best practices for digital advertising. His current emphasis is working towards future proofing HP’s digital media practice as we navigate through the death of the third-party cookie. 

In this episode of The Brave Marketer Podcast, we discuss:

  • Consumer privacy and consent 
  • Changes to advertising performance
  • Brining your media agency ‘in house’

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