The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 5: 08/24/2019 to 08/30/2019 — Wikipedia now a Brave verified publisher & ready to receive BAT donations from Brave users, Cheddar interviews Brendan Eich (video),’s Brave Rewards case study & testimonial

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wikipedia is now a Brave Verified Publisher, Ready to Receive BAT Donations from Brave Users!

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, has joined the Brave platform as a Verified Publisher. Created in 2001, Wikipedia is edited and verified by volunteers around the world. Wikipedia is offered in 300 languages containing a total of more than 50 million articles and viewed more than 15 billion times every month. Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a charitable, not-for-profit organization that relies on donations. 

INTERVIEW: Brendan Eich was on Cheddar’s Between Bells!

Our CEO, Brendan Eich was recently featured on Cheddar’s “Between Bells” and discussed why he founded Brave, how Brave users reward online creators with BAT, as well as opt-in Brave Ads that preserve privacy and reward users with 70% of the revenue share. 

Watch the interview here:

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