The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 69 — Brave passes 20M monthly active users and 7M daily active users (a 2.3x increase in 1 year!), AMA with Luke Mulks (highlights), Jennie interviews Aggroed Lighthacher (Co-founder of Splinterlands)

Milestone: Brave has passed 20 million monthly active users and 7 million daily active users, a 2.3x increase in 1 year. Thank you to all our users! Also, nearly 1 million Brave Verified Creators, and over 2,000 ad campaigns in nearly 200 countries.

November marks one year since we launched Brave 1.0, the most private, safest, and fastest (3-6x) browser. Over the past year, we’ve seen amazing growth on multiple fronts and we’re happy to celebrate Brave 1.0’s first anniversary by announcing that we officially passed 20 million monthly active users (20.5), up from 8.7 million this time last year. This represents a 2.3x increase in one year. 

Brave also passed 7 million daily active users, up from 3 million this time last year, showing a 2.3x increase in DAU over the year. Over the past year, Brave received numerous positive reviews and is now the #1 rated browser in Google Play. Since our iOS browser became a default option on Apple devices with iOS 14 this past September, our iOS daily active users have grown by 34%.

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Highlights: AMA with Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave

The ongoing AMA series is an opportunity for our users and fans to get to know the Brave team, to chat with them directly, and to illuminate the work and contributions of our team members. (Work that, in many cases, takes place largely behind the scenes.)   

We were joined on October 7th by Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave, who spent the afternoon fielding both pre-submitted and live questions from the Community on Reddit. Questions spanned an array of topics, Brave’s approach to partnership-building, the company’s evolving revenue strategy, and its goal of over time becoming the favored portal to web3 for the mainstream.

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BAT Community Podcast Ep. 68: Jennie interviews Aggroed Lighthacker (Co-founder of Splinterlands, top collectible card game on the blockchain) on the BAT Community Podcast!

Jennie and Aggroed chat about the recently unveiled Brave and Splinterlands partnership. 

Splinterlands is the most played collectible card game on the blockchain, and the Brave browser is now the official browser of Splinterlands. In addition, Brave users and Splinterlands players can now spend their Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) directly in the game to purchase Credits for packs & cards.

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