The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 8 (Sep. 20, 2019) — Brave Tops Browser First-Run Network Traffic Results (blog), Upcoming BAT & Brave meetup in Montreal (09/23), BAT/Brave featured in Forbes: “How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing”

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update!

Blog: Brave Tops Browser First-Run Network Traffic Results

What this post explores today is how browsers behave by default, on their first-run, with no preexisting user profile. By default, Brave blocks third-party trackers (and the ads that rely on them). It also prevents fingerprinting, auto-play of media, crypto-mining, and access to media input devices. These aren’t always features offered by other browsers out of the box. 

I decided to explore this topic more thoroughly a couple of weeks ago. I reviewed several web browsers’ network activity on their first-run, and shared some commentary and explanation for what was found via Twitter. Today, I’d like to cover the results as a whole, as well as talk a bit about how you can do a similar review.

Brave Support Team: Brave/Language I/O Webinar

On September 26th, Asad Syed, Brave’s support team manager, will be jointly running a webinar with Language I/O, one of Brave’s translation providers. Tune in to learn more about how Brave’s support system works behind the scenes and how we leverage Language I/O’s powerful technology in order to serve an international user-base.

Learn more here:

Video: Jumping to the Brave Browser after using both Google Chrome and Chromium for more than 10 years. After looking into many browsers I settled on Brave for me.

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