The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 18 (Nov. 29, 2019) — Brendan Eich’s full keynote presentation at WebSummit 2019 released: “The Future of Privacy-by-default” (video), Google gives a Brave 1.0 birthday cake to Brave (real), Help us train our Brave Ads machine learning!

Brendan Eich (CEO) full keynote presentation video at WebSummit 2019, released: “The Future of Privacy-by-default” (Brave & BAT)

Google gives a Brave 1.0 birthday cake to Brave! (Real)

Apparently, this is customary in the world of web browsers. According to Sampson, “Browser vendors have, for many years, sent each other congratulatory cakes for meeting milestones. This was unexpected, as we’re still a very new browser. But, we’re on the Google radar, it seems.”

I’m not in the SF office, but I hear the cake is delicious too.

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