The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 67: New widget on the New Tab Page, Brave R&D: Fighting CNAME Trickery, Testers needed for Sync V2 in Brave for iOS!

Announcement: New widget on the New Tab Page! 

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Brave R&D: What’s Brave Done For My Privacy Lately? Episode #6: Fighting CNAME Trickery

This is the sixth in an ongoing, regular series of blog posts, describing new privacy-related features in Brave. This post describes work done by Research Engineer Anton Lazarev and Senior Privacy Researcher Peter Snyder (@pes10k on Twitter).

Trackers are constantly working on new techniques for evading privacy tools, and keep deploying new ways to evade privacy-protecting tools like the Brave browser.  This post discusses a recent technique trackers use, CNAME cloaking, and a new feature in Brave that keeps Brave users protected.


One way privacy tools like Brave prevent trackers from tracking you online is to use crowd-sourced lists of privacy-harming domains, and blocking requests to them. Trackers sometimes use canonical name DNS records (i.e, CNAMEs, a way of making one domain point to another) to make their tracking domains look like subdomains owned by the site you’re visiting, when in truth the domain is (effectively) controlled by a unrelated third party. This is now available in our Nightly desktop version. With the upcoming Brave 1.17, Brave Shields will roll out support for CNAME-based adblocking to all Brave users. This enhanced adblocking solution is able to counter the increasingly common practice of CNAME-cloaked tracking scripts.

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