The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 65 — AMA w/ Brian Clifton (VP of Engineering at Brave), Brave top rated browser on Google Play, Enter w/ BAT for a chance to win Ledger Nano X (via TAP)

AMA (ICYMI): “I’m Brian Clifton, VP of Engineering at Brave. Ask me anything!” 

Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clifton! I’m the VP of Engineering at Brave and I oversee development on the Desktop, Android, and iOS products. I joined Brave Software back in 2016 and you’ll often see me on GitHub responding to user issues, trying to help with code reviews, and occasionally fixing a bug or working on a new feature. Before Brave, I spent 8 years as a developer at GoDaddy working on different hosting products. Before GoDaddy, I worked at Intel in the manufacturing (TMG) org for almost 3 years helping with factory automation. And then a few smaller businesses here in the Phoenix (Arizona) area before that.

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If you’re short on time and want the TL;DR, our recap of the AMA highlights will be released on the official Brave blog early next week. 

Creator Testimonial: “My gratitude video to my community for using Brave to support me” — MattiAce

We love hearing your experiences with Brave Creators, and receiving your feedback! (To any Creators reading this, we encourage you to share your experience with us on r/BATProject. Be sure to use the “Testimonial” flair so the community can easily pick out your post!)

Here’s what MattiAce has to share about their experience with Brave Creators so far: 

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