The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 38 (Apr. 17, 2020) — Brave v1.7.92 for desktop features integration w/ TAP Network (redeem real-world rewards from 250K brands like Starbucks, Apple, & Target), Des Martin on the Cryptotesters podcast, Brave #1 Communications App in Japan!

Desktop update: Brave v1.7.92 for desktop features integration with TAP Network. Now Brave users can redeem BAT earned from viewing opt-in, privacy-preserving Brave Ads for real-world rewards from 250,000 brands like Starbucks, Apple, and Target!

The integration with TAP Network in Brave v1.7.92 for desktop enables Brave users in the United States to redeem earned tokens for gift cards from hundreds of top national brands, including travel partners such as American Airlines, Delta,, and Uber; dining brands including Starbucks, Domino’s, and Applebee’s; entertainment partners such as Xbox, Playstation, Hulu and HBO; and retail brands including Amazon, Apple, Target, Walmart and many more partners in the TAP Network. 

Update your Brave browser today and discover what TAP Network has to offer! 

We’re Matthew Liu (Co-Founder) & Nick Poulden (Senior Engineer) of Origin. Ask us anything!

Welcome to the next installment in our series of BAT Community-run AMAs.

The ongoing AMA series on Reddit features various guests from the Brave and BAT teams, and now, guests from projects and causes that Brave collaborates with. 

The most recent AMA took place on April 16th, and featured guests Matthew Liu (Co-founder) and Nick Poulden (Senior Engineer) at Origin, a sharing economy platform that enables buyers and sellers of goods and services to transact on the distributed, open web. The pair fielded both pre-submitted and live questions from Redditors about Origin Marketplace, the first marketplace built on Origin’s own protocol; and Dshop, Origin’s decentralized e-commerce storefront (which powers the new Brave Swag Store). Matt and Nick shared why they believe the world needs blockchain-based commerce and what they see to be the advantages over traditional solutions.

The WINNERS of the Origin swag giveaway are:
1. xRizk
2. ImahComputah
3. mcDonaldTrumpet

Congratulations! Keep an eye on your Reddit inboxes for a message from CryptoJennie about how to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone who submitted early AMA questions and who took park in the event!

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