The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 47 — Sync v2 available now for testing in Brave Nightly (desktop), interview w/ David Liebowitz from Everipedia + PredIQt, Enter sweepstakes at TAP Network’s rewards market for Brave users & win digital gift cards!

Brave Sync v2 (preview): Our new Sync functionality is available now in our Nightly desktop version for testing, and is landing in our general release for desktop and mobile in a matter of weeks! 

Brave Sync v2 is now available for desktop-to-desktop sync testing in our Nightly desktop build. Sync bookmarks, history, settings, and more! Try it out and let us know what you think: 

Please note: Nightly is our testing and development version of Brave. The releases are updated every night and may contain bugs that can result in data loss. Nightly automatically sends us crash reports when things go wrong.

Sync v2 for desktop and mobile is just a few more weeks away from landing in Brave general release. 

Jennie interviews David Liebowitz, President of Business Development at Everipedia + PedIQt

David joins Jennie to discuss Brave & Everipedia’s collaboration to spotlight new and noteworthy Brave Creators, how Everipedia’s inclusivity and no-notability policy makes it possible for anyone to contribute to their digital encyclopedia, and how Everipedia encourages users to participate in the governance of its knowledge base by using a blockchain-based incentive & rewards model for creating and curating content. 

David also introduces Everipedia’s brand new decentralized prediction market, PedIQt which is built on the blockchain and is powered by Everipedia’s IQ token. PedIQt allows EOS users anywhere in the world to create a market on any future event, and allows any user to purchase and trade shares in the outcomes of those events.

Listen to the interview in The Weekly BAT Podcast, linked at the top of this post.

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