The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 13 (Oct. 25, 2019) — Predicting ad-block ‘Time Saved’ metrics, New visual Brave demo, Brave’s Pete S. lectures at Stanford, ‘Something’s happening at Brave (including 7x clickthrough rates)…’

Accurately Predicting Ad Blocker Savings

We set out to explore how we can accurately predict how much exactly we save from a clean page – one that has had all ads and trackers removed. It turns out we can accurately estimate bandwidth and compute time savings based on page details like the few blocked resources we observe, as well as the clean page’s performance metrics, number of the different types of resources loaded and the overall page DOM size.

Luke Mulks presents at Demo Day! from R/GA Ventures

Today, R/GA Ventures posted a video of Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development for Brave, giving a presentation at Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio. Watch Luke’s excellent, visual presentation here:

Privacy-Safe Ads That Pay You? Something’s Happening At Brave (Including 7X Higher Click-Through Rates)

Your attention is valuable. That’s the reason Facebook and Google are two of the biggest, wealthiest, and most powerful corporations on the planet. But you spend only a small portion of the total value of your attention to get those services – social connection and search – and the world’s largest advertising duopoly keeps the rest for itself. Brave has a different plan.

Brave is a browser that is built to be privacy-safe. It’s also built to return 70% of the value of your attention back to you. Read more at

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