The Weekly BAT #83: Brave Talk, BAT Ambassadors recruiting, BAT Community Call: Everything you need to know!

BAT/Brave Announcements

Brave Talk is here! Private video conferencing built right into Brave.

Join private calls for free from any browser, on desktop and mobile. Brave Rewards users can initiate unlimited private 1:1 calls for free. Premium Talk includes the ability to initiate group calls with hundreds of participants, recording, video groupwatch, YouTube live-streaming, and more!

Today, Brave launched Brave Talk, a new privacy-focused video conferencing feature built directly into the Brave browser. Brave Talk enables video calls without sacrificing privacy. Video calling is now an important tool for work, school, and social activities, and Brave Talk allows users to collaborate and connect online in a private-by-design environment.

To use Brave Talk, users can initiate a call directly through the Brave desktop browser by opening a new tab and clicking the Brave Talk camera icon, or simply visit from the Brave browser on desktop or mobile. While calls need to be initiated from Brave, users can invite others to join calls from any modern browser.

Watch the promo video:

Brave Talk product page:

News Coverage: CNET, TechCrunch , Protocol, ZDNet, Android Police, Tech Radar, gHacks, Ubergizmo, Itsfoss,Tech Smart, TrocProcLock via Publish0x

BAT Ambassadors: Seeking Student Volunteers & Volunteers of All Ages (Non-Students). Apply Here!

Art by Guilherme Pantoja / Twitter: elguilhermee

The BAT Ambassadors program is reopening its doors!

With the start of the fall academic semester, BAT Ambassadors is launching a new college activation initiative and recruiting students from around the world to take part.

In addition, BAT Ambassadors is seeking non-student volunteers of all ages and from all regions. Anyone passionate about Basic Attention Token’s mission and helping take BAT to the next level is welcome to apply!

For more information and to apply: 

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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 82 — Why Brave Disables FLoC (Blog); BAT Ambassadors: How to Apply; AMA w/ Brendan Eich (BAT CEO) In Russian Publication, Tjournal!

Weekly Highlights

BAT/Brave Announcements

BLOG: Google’s FLoC proposal harms user privacy, under the guise of being privacy-friendly. Here’s why Brave disables FLoC and how we are building a Web that serves users first.

FLoC is a recent Google proposal that would have your browser share your browsing behavior and interests by default with every site and advertiser with which you interact. Brave opposes FLoC, along with any other feature designed to share information about you and your interests without your fully informed consent. To protect Brave users, Brave has removed FLoC in the Nightly version of both Brave for desktop and Android. The privacy-affecting aspects of FLoC have never been enabled in Brave releases; the additional implementation details of FLoC will be removed from all Brave releases with this week’s stable release. Brave is also disabling FLoC on our websites, to protect Chrome users learning about Brave.

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PODCAST: The Brave Marketer Podcast Ep. 3: John Marshall, Head of NA Digital Activation at HP, discusses the death of the 3rd party cookie

This week on #TheBraveMarketer Podcast, John Marshall, Head of NA Digital Activation at HP, discusses the death of the 3rd party cookie.

Over the past six years at HP, John’s helped establish an HP owned advertising stack, an in-house media agency as well as standards and best practices for digital advertising. His current emphasis is working towards future proofing HP’s digital media practice as we navigate through the death of the third-party cookie. 

In this episode of The Brave Marketer Podcast, we discuss:

  • Consumer privacy and consent 
  • Changes to advertising performance
  • Brining your media agency ‘in house’

Tune in and subscribe: 

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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 81: BAT Roadmap 2.0 Update, New Brave Advertisement, 20% Off BAT Purchases In Splinterlands All April Long!

Weekly Highlights

BAT/Brave Announcements

BRAVE AD: Online privacy is a right. Other browsers don’t respect your privacy. Brave is different. We built better privacy into a much faster browser. Brave. The Privacy Browser.

BAT Roadmap 2.0: UPDATE #1 — Progress on Brave Wallet, Brave DEX Aggregator, THEMIS, Community, Partnerships. NEW Brave Wallet UI mockup photos inside!

At Brave, we want to make crypto usable and defi accessible for everyone, and towards that end we are excited to share the progress we have made since we published the BAT Roadmap 2.0 in February 2021.

Brave Wallet

  • Finalized internal spec for the wallet.
  • Created native HD wallet keyring for Ethereum and Bitcoin support.
  • Started developing Brave native crypto wallet UI for Desktop, Android, and iOS.
  • Created a native in-page provider (window.ethereum) which does not require an extension.
  • Created native ETH JSON RPC API support.
  • Implemented RLP encoding and other utilities for encoding Ethereum transactions.
  • You can track work as it gets implemented for the wallet here.

Read the full update here: 

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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 80 — Brave Search, BAT Tournaments in Splinterlands & Gala Games ($10K total prizes), THEMIS AMA, Luke Mulks Interview on Scott Cunningham

BAT/Brave News & Announcements

Announcing Brave Search and the acquisition of Tailcat, the open search engine. Brave Search and the Brave browser constitute the industry’s first independent, privacy-preserving alternative to Big Tech. Privacy is becoming mainstream.

Today Brave announced the acquisition of Tailcat, the open search engine developed by the team formerly responsible for the privacy search and browser products at Cliqz, a holding of Hubert Burda Media. Tailcat will become the foundation of Brave Search. Brave Search and the Brave browser constitute the industry’s first independent, privacy-preserving alternative to Google Chrome and Google Search, which rely on tracking users across sites and have 70 percent and 92 percent market share, respectively.

Under the hood, nearly all of today’s search engines are either built by, or rely on, results from Big Tech companies. In contrast, the Tailcat search engine is built on top of a completely independent index, capable of delivering the quality people expect, but without compromising their privacy. Tailcat does not collect IP addresses or use personally identifiable information to improve search results.

Read the full post here:

Upcoming AMA: Ben Livshits (Chief Scientist) and Gonçalo Pestana (Sr. Research Engineer) at Brave, to discuss the decentralization of Brave Ads & Rewards, THEMIS, and the THEMIS RFC&C event (Mar. 16, 2021)

Brave Sponsors Upcoming Tournament in Gala Games’ Agricultural Simulation Game, Town Star, With $5000 in BAT

In November of 2020, Brave and Gala Games announced a partnership for Gala Games’ upcoming epic fantasy game, Mirandus, support for Basic Attention Token (BAT) on the Gala Games platform, and the unveiling of a limited set of 100 Brave x Gala Games Minotaur King Crystal Physical NFTs, sold exclusively on the Brave Swag Store. The Minotaur King collectibles were a major hit with Brave and Mirandus fans, selling out within a few short weeks. 

Brave and Gala Games are teaming up again, this time to bring fans the first-ever BAT Tournament in Gala Games’ Town Star, the blockchain-based agricultural simulation game from one of the founders of Zynga and some of the creative minds behind FarmVille and Words With Friends. 

In Town Star, players become masters of urban planning and productivity as they create fully operational towns from scratch and compete against players from around the world to earn NFTs and Gala Coins.

Read the full post here: 

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