24 Hours of BAT 3.0: A day of Global Meetups

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, volunteers from around the world will hold BAT & Brave meetups in their region for 24 Hours of BAT, a global initiative to draw attention, interest, and adoption to Basic Attention Token and Brave. Scroll down to find one in your area!

The goal is to create a BAT & Brave wave—to take social media by storm, flooding it with photos and videos of BAT fans from around the world who’ve come together to learn, teach and celebrate the ways in which BAT & Brave are revolutionizing the web.

Hosted by our BAT Community Regional Leaders, each meetup can have its own focus (e.g., online privacy, content creation, developers, etc.). Meetups can range from casual gatherings to more formal presentations, and are held at cafes, bars, or booked venues like conference halls or university auditoriums. But one thing remains constant across all meetups: anyone with a keen interest is welcome to attend!

Previous Events: Past 24 Hours of BAT events in 2018 and early 2019 saw participation from volunteers in Indonesia, Canada, United States, Colombia, Spain, France, Indonesia, and Australia. This round, we expect an even higher participation rate among our Regional Leaders and volunteers! For the complete list of meetups coming up next week (April 24th, 2019) please see below.

See the #24HoursOfBAT hashtag on Twitter for more photos from our past events.

List of upcoming 24 Hours of BAT meetups on April 24, 2019

San Francisco, California (April 23, 2019)

Hosted by Steven Hollon from the Brave Team

Media, Pennsylvania

Hosted by Dan Murphy from the BAT Team

Vancouver, Canada

Hosted by Daniel James of BAT Vancouver

Toronto, Canada

Hosted by Mark of BAT Toronto

Montreal, Canada

Hosted by Jennie and Chris from the BAT Team

Bogotá, Colombia

Hosted by Wilfredo from BAT Colombia

Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Hosted by Lucas of BAT Brazil

Vigo, Spain

Hosted by Salva of BAT Spain

French-speaking community (virtual meetup)

Hosted by Arnaud C. of BAT France

Perth, Australia

Hosted by Stephen from the BAT Team

Tondano, Indonesia

Hosted by Kiel Nayoan of BAT Indonesia

Manado, Indonesia

Hosted by Jethro Kapantow of BAT Indonesia

Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia

Hosted by Martin Immanuel (Kiki) of BAT Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Hosted by Youth C. of BAT Indonesia

Bekasi, Indonesia

Hosted by Viking Karwur and Eljuno Kasih of BAT Indonesia

Be sure to follow BAT Community on Meetup to be notified when one of our regional groups hosts a meetup near you. If you don’t see your city or town on the list but would like to host BAT & Brave meetups in your area, you can sign up to become a BAT Regional Leader.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetups!

6 Replies to “24 Hours of BAT 3.0: A day of Global Meetups”

  1. My Dowenlod 26
    install 7
    conform 0
    but my token not show
    but why
    I’m invited referring
    clem 20 bat token but my account not + show


  2. Stephani Medina April 24, 2019 at 2:17 am

    Brave is excelent¡!


  3. Why is there so much going on in the country of Indonesia?
    Only one town is representing the United States?


    1. Man, be grateful. There’s none in Ireland 🙁


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