Pledge your support to your favorite sites and creators with BAT

Supporting your favorite websites and content creators with BAT is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s how:

  1. While browsing on your favorite websites, expand the BAT menu from the URL bar and click the “Send a Tip” button.
  2. Select the amount for your tip from the tipping banner.
  3. Click “Send my Tip”.

Tips to Brave-verified sites and creators will show up in their Publisher Dashboard almost instantly. Each month, all the tips they’ve accrued from fans and subscribers will be automatically deposited into their linked Uphold account. They can then use your tips to keep creating the content you love!

For a complete list of Brave-verified publishers and creators, visit BATGrowth. To discover verified creators by category, visit GiveBAT. To discover new verified creators, visit The Daily BAT on YouTube or r/BATProjectCreators.

If your creator of choice is not already verified with the Brave Rewards program, you can still pledge your support!

Any BAT you tip a creator who has not yet verified with Brave Rewards will remain in your browser. Over the next 90 days, your browser will periodically check to see whether your creator has verified so it can send off your tip. (You can use this period of time to reach out to the creator by tweeting them, emailing them, or contacting them via their website to let them know about BAT & Brave, and that they have some BAT awaiting them!)

For more information about what happens to your BAT contribution if a site or creator is not yet part of the Brave Rewards program, please see our FAQ.

In the past, members of the community have leveraged social media to gain the attention of creators for whom they had pledged their support. Leon Lush, a popular YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers, is one example of a creator who verified with Brave after being tweeted by a fan about the Brave browser, BAT, and how they could benefit him.

See the tweets by a community member that got Leon’s attention:

Unhappy with YouTube
A new way to monetize content
Leveraging social media
Getting verified is super easy
Victory lap! 
Victory lap! 

If one person was able to get Leon’s attention by tweeting him, imagine what the BAT community could accomplish by banding together!

What are some sites you would like to see verified with Brave? YouTubers? Twitch streamers? Let us know in the comments and let’s start a community wave! Let’s get your favorite content creators verified!

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