BAT Community Weekly Update: 08/10/2019 to 08/16/2019 — Intel & Brave join forces to bring Brave users awesome giveaway for Intel® Gamer Days 2019, Response to recent IAB Europe statement by Dr. Johnny Ryan (blog), Brave publishers increase 1200% since mid-2018!

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! Thank you to Dan Murphy for his contributions! 

SPONSORSHIP: BAT & Brave was an official GOLD sponsor for Untraceable’s Futurist Conference in Toronto earlier this week!

Brave staff, including Chris & Jennie from the BAT team, several iOS engineers, and senior software devs, and others, populated the BAT & Brave booth during the 2-day-long event. Chris partook in a panel on the main stage, as well as interviews spanning topics such as the future of blockchain, web privacy, and how BAT & Brave are contributing to a better web. 

Check out some tweets from the event below: 

PODCAST: Jennie and Chris have started a podcast based on the BAT Community Weekly Updates! 

Check out episode 1 here: 

BLOG: “Response to IAB Europe statement on its failure to answer the Irish Data Protection Commission” 

Dr Johnny Ryan responds to a statement from IAB Europe regarding its failure to answer the Irish Data Protection Commission.

Read the entire statement here:

WIN: Intel and Brave are joining forces to bring Brave users an awesome giveaway for Intel® Gamer Days 2019! 

From now through the end of August, Brave users may see Brave Ads promoting Intel Gamer Days, an annual promotion to celebrate PC gaming with great deals & experiences from over 40 top retailers, technology providers, and game publishers. To enter the daily giveaway and have a chance to score a swag kit from Brave and Intel, users must simply click the Intel Gamer Days ad when they see one, and follow the steps to publish a tweet about the promotion. The tweet will count as the user’s entry for that day’s giveaway.

See below for winners of Day 1 and Day 2 of the giveaway. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Congratulations winners, and thank you to everyone who has participated so far! There are more prizes to be won from now until the end of August! Good luck and happy gaming! 

Client Updates

Release Channel v0.67.125

Release Notes

  • Fixed retry logic for failed ads confirmations. (#5548)

Dev Channel v0.70.66

Beta Channel v0.69.107

iOS v1.11

AppStore Release Notes

This is a small release with some nice improvements.

  • We’ve added a new Private Tab option on the home screen when you Force Touch the app icon.
  • Improved the video size when the device orientation changes.
  • Housekeeping and a few other small fixes.

List of closed issues for the release can be found here.

Brave Team Tweets

Check out Christopher from Brave giving an intro to Brave at @Futurist_conf!
Intel Gamer days are here, and Luke says to expect more in the next 30 days… what’s he up to?
Yan and her “Journey of Drops” at DEFCON!
Interested in new music from Yan? Check it out!
How do you ignore formal contacts?
IAB Europe’s website infringes on GDPR. 
Hmm, could the Yang Gang be interested in Brave?
Autoplay fixes coming soon!
Language translation will be in the release build soon.
Johnny will be at DMexico: “Roundtable briefing on RTB’s GDPR challenge, and what happens next”
Who is responsible for regulatory action?
Luke Love <3
Follow Sampson’s lead — Tip your favorite artists on YouTube!
New podcast featuring Jennie and Chris!

BAT/Brave in the News

Number of publishers on Brave increased 1,200% since mid-2018

Privacy-focused web browser Brave has seen a 1,200 percent increase in verified publishers using its Brave Rewards program since July last year. This includes sites like the Washington Post, LadBible and, of course, Decrypt. This shows that adoption of the Brave browser, which includes native cryptocurrency support, is on the rise.

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

I’m a security expert and this is how robocall-blocking apps violate your privacy

NCC Group studied the apps’ privacy policies and found that many send out information at night while you’re sleeping; share your phone number with third-party companies; look at your text messages, phone calls, and contacts; and can learn what other apps are on your phone.

Read the full text here:

Amazon’s Ring Is a Perfect Storm of Privacy Threats 

Doors across the United States are now fitted with Amazon’s Ring, a combination doorbell-security camera that records and transmits video straight to users’ phones, to Amazon’s cloud—and often to the local police department. By sending photos and alerts every time the camera detects motion or someone rings the doorbell, the app can create an illusion of a household under siege. It turns what seems like a perfectly safe neighborhood into a source of anxiety and fear. This raises the question: do you really need Ring, or have Amazon and the police misled you into thinking that you do?

Read the full text here:

New – WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy

Today we are publishing the WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy, covering:

  • What types of tracking WebKit will prevent.
  • When other tracking countermeasures come into play such as limiting capabilities and informed user consent.
  • How WebKit handles unintended impact of our tracking prevention.

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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