The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 13 (Oct. 25, 2019) — Predicting ad-block ‘Time Saved’ metrics, New visual Brave demo, Brave’s Pete S. lectures at Stanford, ‘Something’s happening at Brave (including 7x clickthrough rates)…’

Accurately Predicting Ad Blocker Savings

We set out to explore how we can accurately predict how much exactly we save from a clean page – one that has had all ads and trackers removed. It turns out we can accurately estimate bandwidth and compute time savings based on page details like the few blocked resources we observe, as well as the clean page’s performance metrics, number of the different types of resources loaded and the overall page DOM size.

Luke Mulks presents at Demo Day! from R/GA Ventures

Today, R/GA Ventures posted a video of Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development for Brave, giving a presentation at Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio. Watch Luke’s excellent, visual presentation here:

Privacy-Safe Ads That Pay You? Something’s Happening At Brave (Including 7X Higher Click-Through Rates)

Your attention is valuable. That’s the reason Facebook and Google are two of the biggest, wealthiest, and most powerful corporations on the planet. But you spend only a small portion of the total value of your attention to get those services – social connection and search – and the world’s largest advertising duopoly keeps the rest for itself. Brave has a different plan.

Brave is a browser that is built to be privacy-safe. It’s also built to return 70% of the value of your attention back to you. Read more at

CS 253 Web Security – Lecture 08 – Fingerprinting and Privacy on the Web with Brave’s Pete Snyder

Excellent talk by Pete Snyder given at the Stanford web security class. Posted by Feross Aboukhadijeh!

Client Updates

Dev Channel v0.72.110

Beta Channel v0.71.103

Release Channel v0.70.121

Brave Team Tweets

Quick! Get your tickets to our privacy meetup in London!

A few more tickets are now available for our upcoming privacy meetup in London on Nov. 14th at 6.30pm. Come meet our research team, our CPO @johnnyryan, as well as @UoE_EFI Prof. Aggelos Kiayias, and @yvesalexandre from @ImperialDSI. Oct 21 2019

Brave participated in the Walk to End Lupus with The Giving Block!

Our team rocked purple this past Saturday! Proud to have sponsored and participated in the Walk to End Lupus event @LupusOrg in San Francisco. In partnership with @TheGivingBlock, we also gave the Lupus Foundation a grant to raise #LupusAwareness via Brave Ads. Oct 21 2019

In Amsterdam? Go see Johnny!

I’ll be in Amsterdam to speak about the @Brave model for publisher growth at #FTFutureNews on 26 November. Oct 24 2019

Give DuckDuckGo a try! 

What’s the worst thing about the adtech industry?

Giving love to The Giving Block!

Brave Crew will be at Brandweek. Come say hello or message Luke to connect!

BAT/Brave in the News

New Kids on the Block

Earlier this year investment firm R/GA Ventures launched a blockchain studio in Portland, gathering six startups specializing in the record-keeping technology.vThe aim of the studio is to connect these founders and innovators with one another, and collaborate with business partners in the Northwest to develop blockchain-based solutions to business challenges.

Brave overtakes Firefox in Spain

Brave, a privacy-focused browser, has recently flourished in Spain. The browser is currently ranked at the 10th position in the communications category on Google Play Store.

News You Should Know

The Creepy Way Facebook And Amazon Profit Off Our Private Data

Our lives and habits are being tracked. Every time we tap in a Google search, every time we click “Like” on Facebook and every time we make an Amazon purchase, we are giving away information about ourselves: our thoughts, our preferences, our behaviors. We are providing data that can be packaged up and sold to companies, which then use that data to try to modify our behavior and steer us toward buying their products and services. In an interview with HuffPost, Zuboff talks about how this new world is not just a threat to our privacy, but — as it starts to shape our actions — to our democracy itself.

Comcast Is Lobbying Against Encryption That Could Prevent it From Learning Your Browsing History

Internet giant Comcast is lobbying U.S. lawmakers against plans to encrypt web traffic that would make it harder for internet service providers (ISPs) to determine your browsing history, according to a lobbying presentation obtained by Motherboard.

Google is in serious trouble, warns top anti-trust lawyer

Seth Bloom, former general counsel to the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee and former attorney at the Justice Department Antitrust Division, said Google is “in serious trouble” regarding anti-trust scrutiny from many different places.

Bloom said that the Justice Department took over the FTC investigation of Google, which is rare and a sign of the seriousness of the investigation. Plus, 48 states are investigating Google, and there is scrutiny from both Democrats and Republicans. “It’s unique to have such scrutiny from both sides,” said Bloom.

Roaring Fans

From Reddit 

Brave browser could change how we work on the web

Brave Rewards’ ADs – finally popping out in Poland!

My first Brave ad, hopefully there will be many more

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