The Weekly BAT + Podcast ep. 22 (Dec. 27, 2019) — Custom BAT jewelry (partnership w/ Access79), SpeedReader on the way, paywall BAT passes coming in 2020!

Community-made: Animated BAT logo for Brave verified creators (by u/KillCaptcha on Reddit)

Available to download & use! Follow the link below.

In case you missed it: BAT & Access79 partner to bring custom limited-edition BAT ring & BAT dog tag necklace to fans of Basic Attention Token. Available now for preorder!

Over the last four months, Brave Ads users may have seen ads for Access79, a try-before-you-buy luxury jewelry service that began advertising on the platform in September.

While advertising with Brave, Access79 has been collaborating with our team on two special commemorative wearables for our Community: our galvanizers, explorers, and believers. The BAT Community played an essential role in the product development process, providing feedback through a series of polls from our @BAT_Community Twitter account during the various stages of production.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the demi-fine Limited Edition BAT Signet Ring and the Limited Edition BAT Dog Tag necklace are now available for preorder on Access79’s website!

Visit Access79’s website and reserve your BAT Signet Ring and BAT Dog Tag necklace today:

Featured Creators

GamingWithGarry on Youtube

Channel description: Daily Fortnite Battle Royale channel that features the best Fortnite Battle Royale PC gameplay as well as Fortnite Mobile! If you’re looking for the best Fortnite Duos, Fortnite Squads or Fortnite Solo Gameplay you have come to the right spot!

Check out Garry’s channel & subscribe here: 

Vibacy on YouTube

Channel description: VIBACY is the fusion of forward-thinking music, art, and culture.

Vibe out & subscribe here:

About Versus: Versus is a global comparison platform, providing unbiased and user-friendly comparisons across various categories, from tech products to cities. By providing accurate and objective information, as well as structured, easy-to-visualize data, we aim to ease decision-making.

Get comparing: 

Josh Stevens on YouTube

Check out Josh’s channel & subscribe here: 

Client Updates

Beta Channel v1.2.37

Dev Channel v1.3.76

Brave Team Tweets

What would you think of a BAT pass for paywalls or using BAT to pay for a subscription?
Brian Bondy is feeling extra Brave this holiday season, thanks to his “ugly” BAT/Brave Christmas sweater! (We think it’s a very handsome sweater.) 
Get your BAT Bling here!
Happy Holidays everyone!
SpeedReader is coming!

News You Should Know

Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy – The New York Times 

Every minute of every day, everywhere on the planet, dozens of companies — largely unregulated, little scrutinized — are logging the movements of tens of millions of people with mobile phones and storing the information in gigantic data files. The Times Privacy Project obtained one such file, by far the largest and most sensitive ever to be reviewed by journalists. It holds more than 50 billion location pings from the phones of more than 12 million Americans as they moved through several major cities, including Washington, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Read the full text here:

The Disqus Data Machine and the sharing of personal data

Uncovering the Disqus data machine: @disqus shared the personal data of tens of millions of users without them or the websites knowing about it. (thread – 1/13)

Roaring Fans

From Reddit: 

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