The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 50 (Jul 13, 2020) — Brave partners w/ NYIAX (the first futures trading marketplace for digital ad contracts), Brave & bitFlyer (#1 exchange in Japan) partner to develop a crypto asset wallet for Brave users, Brendan Eich (Brave CEO) presenting at Binance “Off the Charts!” virtual conference

PARTNERSHIP: Brave and bitFlyer (#1 exchange in Japan) partner to “develop a crypto asset wallet for Brave browser users” and “launch a joint marketing campaign”

bitFlyer, Inc., which operates Japan’s No. 1 cryptocurrency exchange by Bitcoin trading volume, and Brave have announced a partnership between bitFlyer and Brave Software International SEZC, a subsidiary of Brave Software which performs token operations, to provide a service for both company’s users as of today. bitFlyer will be Brave’s first partner in the crypto asset wallet space in Japan.

In April, bitFlyer listed Basic Attention Token, a utility token integrated with the Brave browser. To further strengthen our cooperation, we will start developing a crypto asset wallet for Brave browser users. We will also launch a joint marketing campaign to expand the recognition of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among our customers and to improve customer convenience.

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PARTNERSHIP: Brave partners with NYIAX, the first futures trading marketplace for digital ad contracts, to connect users & advertisers utilizing blockchain & privacy. With CCPA enforcement in effect, advertisers can reserve inventory without tracking.

Brave and NYIAX, the world’s first and most active upfronts marketplace and advanced contract management exchange by volume and users, today announced a first-of-its kind partnership that will enable advertisers to connect with consumers in a way that prioritizes personal choice and respects new privacy legislation. 

Under the terms of the partnership, ad contract traders in NYIAX’s upfront marketplace are now able to reserve or buy future inventory options that guarantee their brand advertisements reach only Brave users who have opted in to see the promotions and receive rewards via Brave’s Basic Attention Token system.

Making Brave’s inventory available on NYIAX’s platform provides Brave with incremental revenue opportunities and the ability to strike guaranteed upfront deals with NYIAX’s buyer partners, as well as a year-round lead as they compete for the best brand partnerships. What’s unique about Brave’s model is consumers are rewarded for their attention, providing consumers the ability to prioritize preferences and opt into privacy-respecting ads based on their own personal interest. 

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GIVE BAT — The Giving Block: Adding Support for Basic Attention Token (BAT) – Donate BAT Today!

“The Giving Block is excited to announce support for BAT in our donation widget. All nonprofits working with The Giving Block will be able to accept BAT donations by default. This brings 50+ nonprofits into the Brave ecosystem and gives BAT HODLers a tax efficient way to donate.

The Brave community has long been one of the most generous. Brave has been a long time partner and has provided many of our clients with ad grants so they can engage the cryptocurrency community more directly. Many users choose to tip their browser earned BAT rewards to our nonprofits. We encourage all nonprofits on our platform to verify their website with Brave as a way to accept donations. This will now give users a way to donate on-chain through our widget and generate an automated tax receipt.”

Now, users can also donate BAT from Crypto Wallets in Brave, in addition to providing support to verified causes via Brave Rewards. 

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Brendan Eich (Brave CEO) presenting at Binance “Off the Charts!” virtual conference (July 14, 2020)

Event Date & Time: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 @ 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (UTC)

Join Binance as we kick off our third anniversary with one of the biggest blockchain events of the year.

Get the latest news and updates on all things blockchain and crypto, and take an exclusive look at what’s coming next at our “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference, a blockbuster 10-hour live event with multi-regional programming that brings together 80+ influential speakers, including leading blockchain and crypto innovators, business and technology leaders, influential academics, and key policymakers.

Expect to hear the latest insights on the blockchain ecosystem from some of the industry’s most prominent leaders and visionaries. Join our can’t-miss event with powerful talks, breakthrough panels, opportunities to win prizes, and much more.

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Guest AMA: Upcoming Guest AMA with Sam Kazemian (Co-Founder & President) and David Liebowitz (VP of Business Development) at Everipedia, a blockchain-based digital encyclopedia & project building world-class consumer dApps and DeFi apps

Sam Kazemian and David Liebowitz from Everipedia will be on /r/BATProject on Thursday, July 16th, 2020 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm Pacific Time to answer your questions about Everipedia and its work with Brave, and to share more about the team’s latest project, PredIQt: a decentralized prediction market offering a user-experience that rivals that of traditional centralized alternatives.

BONUS GIVEAWAY: Each question submitted for the AMA counts as a giveaway entry for a chance to win official BAT/Brave merch from the new Brave Swag Store. 🦁✨ 

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INTERVIEW: Brave’s Johnny Ryan, Chief of Policy, on VideoWeek Podcast #10

Tune in to hear Johnny discuss privacy (+ his personal motivation in the privacy debate), and his views on whether privacy regulators have any real teeth when it comes to enforcement.

Listen here: 

WIN: Enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes using BAT and instantly win a digital gift card! 

Brave users with in the United States who are verified with Uphold-verified wallets can now enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes to win digital gift cards for Walmart or Amazon! (More brands and prizes to come.) 

To enter the sweepstakes head over to the TAP Sweepstakes page and find the sweepstakes section on the homepage. Choose the sweepstakes you want to enter, and enter as many times as you desire; it costs just 10 cents in BAT per entry! 

Winners are chosen by TAP at random through a digital sweepstakes drawing system, and will receive their digital gift card prize via email.

If you haven’t verified your Brave Rewards wallet, the TAP marketplace provides a range of options for you to redeem your earned BAT for gift cards, sweepstakes and to support causes. 

This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, Brave welcomes Koodo to the New Tab Page!

Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile flanker brand launched by Telus in 2008 and is oriented toward a younger customer base. Koodo offers a flexible service that doesn’t require fixed contracts, so customers can get the phone they want the terms that are right for them. Learn more at

In addition, Nexo, eToro,, BlockFi, and ByBit return to the New Tab Page this week following the success of their recent campaigns. 

Our growing list of New Tab Page sponsors includes Verizon, PayPal, Newegg, Western Digital, Chipotle, Khan Academy, Tezos, Upland, and more. 

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia) 

Yan Zhu — Security engineer, hacker, DJ, producer, open web standards author, etc. 

Yan Zhu is a modern renaissance woman. By day, she is Brave’s Chief Information Security Office (CISO), writing, auditing, and tightening up feature code to ensure that user privacy & security are always paramount. By night, she goes by Azuki and can be found mixing & producing electro deep house beats, or tweeting pics of her pet bunny [1] [2] who shares the same name. In between GitHub commits, Yan enjoys sharing her adventures in scratch baking [1] [2] with her 69K Twitter followers. 

Before Brave, Yan earned a B.S. in physics at MIT, worked as a security engineer for Yahoo, was a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and was recognized as one of Forbes 30 under 30. In addition, Yan has made notable contributions to projects like HTTPS Everywhere, Let’s Encrypt, Secure Drop, Privacy Badger, Firefox, and the Tor Project. 

Read Everipedia’s article on Yan:

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Hear Azuki’s music on SoundCloud: 

Check out Yan’s work on GitHub: 

Client Updates

Desktop Nightly Channel v1.13.6

Desktop Dev Channel v1.13.83

Desktop Beta Channel v1.12.82

Brave for iOS v1.18.1

Stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes by keeping your Brave browser updated to the latest version.

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help;

On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the Play and iOS app stores.

Brave Team Tweets

Brendan Eich, Brave CEO
Johnny Ryan, Chief of Policy
Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations

BAT/Brave in the News

MediaPost: Brave To Make Ad Inventory Available In NYIAX Marketplace Through New Partnership

Maker of privacy-focused blockchain-based digital advertising platform Brave Software is offering a new way for advertisers to connect with consumers via a partnership with upfronts marketplace and advanced contract management exchange NYIAX.

Brave’s browser connects advertisers directly with consumers who have chosen to see their ads. Through the partnership, ad contract traders in NYIAX’s marketplace can guarantee their ads reach Brave users who have opted in to see their ads through reserving or buying future inventory options.

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The Register: Dutch national broadcaster saw ad revenue rise when it stopped tracking users. It’s meant to work like that, right?

Johnny Ryan, chief policy officer at privacy-focused browser Brave, has reported on how ad revenue increased when Dutch national broadcaster NPO stopped running third-party trackers on its online video website.

From a marketing perspective, targeted advertising is supposedly a dream realized: why waste money showing ads to people who are not likely to become customers? The success of Facebook is based on the ability of advertisers to define an audience by location, age, sex, personal interests and more.

Per Google: “Targeting gives you the ability to show your ads to reach people with specific interests – namely, people who are interested in your products and services – and show them relevant ads.”

Another idea is tracking the customer journey, from first seeing an ad to the final purchase. Great for marketing, but there are concerns about ad targeting based both on privacy and controversial matters like disinformation and manipulative political campaigns.

Ryan’s report questions the core assumption that targeted advertising is more effective. “In January 2020, when NPO switched from tracking-based targeting to contextual targeting, revenue increased 61 per cent more than January 2019. In February, revenue increased 76 per cent over the previous year,” he wrote.

Read the full text here: 

News You Should Know

From Week in Ethereum News: MyCrypto (via Medium): Intercepting and Saving $5,000 Worth of Phished Crypto

We write a lot about phishing, but it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to save phished funds and give them back to the victim.

This user unfortunately installed a fake version of Trust Wallet via the Google Play store.

We’ve written about malicious APKs in the past that target cryptocurrency users, but they were hosted on third-party sites. The one we are writing about today was actually in the official Google Play store, highly ranked, and had a lot of user reviews, downloads, and a decent 3 and 1/2 star rating.

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The Washington Post: Lawmakers call for more transparency in health agency’s pandemic data collection practices

A growing number of Democratic lawmakers are sounding the alarm about a program launched by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to track the spread of the coronavirus.

The public health effort, dubbed “HHS Protect Now,” hoovers up vast amounts of data, including coronavirus test results, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local sources. It also relies on technology from secretive Silicon Valley firm Palantir, better known for working with the U.S. military, national security agencies and immigration offices.

In a letter shared with The Washington Post and sent Tuesday evening to HHS Secretary Alex Azar, a group of Democratic U.S. senators and members of Congress, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), called for more transparency around the initiative. The letter questioned whether any of the data gathered would be shared with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to round up undocumented immigrants.

“We are concerned that, without any safeguards, data in HHS Protect could be used by other federal agencies in unexpected, unregulated, and potentially harmful ways,” the lawmakers.

Read the full text here:

Roaring Fans

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