The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 53 — Introducing the new Brave Firewall + VPN for iOS (powered by Guardian), “Future-Proof Your Marketing” w/ Brave & Dentsu (video), Interview w/ Lin Dai, CEO of TAP Network (Brave partner)

Announcement: Brave and Guardian partner to launch the new Brave Firewall + VPN for iOS, powered by Guardian. It protects all of your apps (not just Brave), keeps you anonymous, & can be used on up to 5 iOS devices.

SAN FRANCISCO – July 27, 2020 – Brave Software and Guardian, makers of Guardian Firewall + VPN for iOS, today are announcing the launch of the Brave Firewall + VPN, powered by Guardian. With this partnership, the companies are integrating their technologies to enable the fastest, safest, most private Web browsing experience. Brave now offers Brave Firewall + VPN, available for download from the App Store. This partnership allows people to take back control of their own data, browse the Web, and use their apps more safely and securely.

The Firewall + VPN is built into the Brave iPhone and iPad browser app, which combines privacy with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform to give users a safer, faster (3-6x), more private browsing experience, while funding the Web through a new attention-based platform of privacy-preserving advertisements and rewards. Once users subscribe, there is a setting to enable the firewall in the app. With this launch, we are offering users a firewall and VPN that work system-wide, not only in Brave for iOS but also in any other app they use on their iPhone and iPad, protecting users from data, location, and mail beacon tracking. This empowers users to take action at the network level over unwanted surveillance.

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Blog: Update (Six Months of Data): Lessons for growing publisher revenue by removing 3rd party tracking. By Brave’s Johnny Ryan

This note presents lessons for all publishers based on six months of data from Dutch publisher NPO, after it removed 3rd party tracking. 

Additional revenue data from the Dutch publisher NPO reveals the real-world impact on the revenues of websites of various sizes of removing 3rd party adtech and tracking.

As a previous note outlined, NPO removed third party tracking from its websites at the start of 2020, and sold advertising exclusively by using contextual targeting. The previous note revealed that NPO and its sales house, Ster, enjoyed a leap in revenue as a result.

This update adds the month of June 2020, allowing a six month view of the publisher’s revenue increase, and slightly updates and increases the previously published figures for the first five months of 2020.

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VIDEO RECORDING: Watch Brave & Dentsu’s webinar from earlier this week: “Future-Proof Your Marketing: Advertising in a Cookieless World”, with Brave CEO, Brendan Eich (+ other Brave team)

Brought to you by Brave + Dentsu Aegis Network

Brave is the first global digital advertising platform built for privacy, offering advertisers the opportunity to participate in a premium, brand safe, and opt-in ad ecosystem designed for the cookieless future of the internet.

In this 45 min virtual event, hear from industry experts from Brave and Dentsu Aegis Network – a multinational media and digital marketing communications company – on how ad agencies, in-house brand marketers and publishers can prepare to shift their advertising strategies as privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA become more important than ever, and as consumers take more control of their digital privacy. 

Our speakers will talk through tangible advertising solutions and provide key takeaways that marketers can immediately implement.

BAT Community Podcast: Interview with Lin Dai, CEO of TAP Network (BAT/Brave Partner)

Tune into Jennie’s interview with Lin Dai on this week’s episode of the BAT Community podcast!

Lin Dai is the CEO of TAP Network, a Rewards-as-a-Service technology company that first announced a partnership with Brave in early 2019. The partnership enables Brave users on desktop to redeem BAT for real-world rewards from over 250,000 top brands and merchants in the TAP Network. The collaboration has made token utility redemption a reality for Brave users, and continues to connect brands with an engaged consumer audience while respecting their privacy.

Lin and Jennie discuss how TAP is able to offer users a greater return on BAT micro-redemptions—like access to special deals and opportunities—and how the TAP Network sweepstakes for Brave users takes this concept even further by offering up amazing prizes and unique experiences that even money can’t buy.

Learn about Lin Dai on Everipedia:

WIN: Enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes using BAT and instantly win a limited-edition Nintendo Switch + Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

This just in: Brave users with Uphold-verified wallets can now enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes to win a Nintendo Switch + Animal Crossing: New Horizons! This limited-edition product is completely sold out online. Don’t miss your chance to snag this awesome prize!

Other sweepstakes offerings include digital gift cards for Walmart or Amazon! (More brands and prizes to come.) 

To enter the sweepstakes head over to the TAP Sweepstakes page choose the sweepstakes you want to enter, and enter as many times as you desire—it costs just 10 cents in BAT per entry! 

Winners are chosen by TAP at random through a digital sweepstakes drawing system, and will receive their digital gift card prize via email.

If you haven’t verified your Brave Rewards wallet, the TAP marketplace provides a range of options for you to redeem your earned BAT for gift cards, sweepstakes and to support causes. 

This Week in Sponsored Images

This week,’s stunning New Tab Page images will make you wish you were somewhere remote & sunny. Meanwhile, ByBit’s Sponsored Images will transport you to a whole other planet!

Both brands return to the New Tab Page this week following the success of their recent campaigns.

Our growing list of New Tab Page sponsors includes Verizon, PayPal, Newegg, Western Digital, Chipotle, Khan Academy, Koodo Mobile, Tezos, Upland, and more.

To learn more about becoming a Brave New Tab Page sponsor visit

Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia) 

3blue1brown (YouTube) 

3Blue1Brown (by Grant Sanderson) offers up a combination of mathematics and entertainment. The channel’s goal is to inspire changes in perspective that make solving difficult problems easer.

For more information, other projects, FAQs, and inquiries, visit their official website: 

Check out their YouTube channel: 

Read Everipedia’s article on 3blue1brown: 

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (GitHub)

For anyone eager to learn JavaScript in a hurry, we would definitely recommend Dr. Axel Rauschmayer’s book titled ‘JavaScript for Impatient Programmers’.  

Read Everipedia’s article on Dr. Rauschmayer: 

Check out Dr. Rauschmayer’s work on GitHub: 

Client Updates

Desktop Nightly Channel v1.14.8

Desktop Dev Channel v1.13.56

Desktop Beta Channel v1.13.54

Stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes by keeping your Brave browser updated to the latest version! 

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help;

On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the Play and iOS app stores.

Brave Team Tweets

Brendan Eich, CEO
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Des Martin, Head of Marketing
Des Martin, Head of Marketing
Johnny Ryan, Chief of Policy
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Johnny Ryan, Chief of Policy

BAT/Brave in the News

CNET: Google’s plan for Chrome capability has a big security risk

Google is working to dramatically increase the power of web browsers. There’s one big problem: The plan could create new security problems that undermine the web.

The web has had a remarkable track record of thwarting attacks. You can generally click a link and trust that your browser will protect you. By contrast, app stores require constant monitoring to keep phone malware away while confirmation dialog boxes stand in the way of problem software on your PC.


“The vast majority of these interfaces are not useful for the vast majority of websites, and many of them have well-documented privacy or tracking attacks,” said Peter Snyder, a senior privacy researcher at Brave. He worries there’s no way to add Web USB, Web NFC and Web Bluetooth without privacy harm or “unmanageable user permission fatigue” triggered by ceaseless dialog website boxes.

Read the full text here:

The Chain Bulletin: Brave Brings VPN Services To iOS Browser

Brave Software is stepping up its security and privacy game for its Brave iOS browser, thanks to a new partnership with Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider Guardian, the firm said in a press release on 27 July.

According to the announcement, the partnership will bring new levels of security and privacy to iPhone and iPad users, who can now easily turn on Brave Firewall + VPN in order to protect their devices from privacy intruding trackers. Regrettably, Brave users will be unable to pay for the new service using Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), as Apple currently does not allow it.

The CEO of Brave Software, Brendan Eich, said in a statement:

“Brave is on a mission to upgrade the Internet from surveillance-by-default to privacy-by-default. With over 15 million monthly active users, our growth indicates that people are tired of being tracked, tagged, and monitored every second of every day. Brave Firewall + VPN, powered by Guardian is a big part of our mission to improve Web browsing and give power back to users over the use of their own data.”

Read the full text here:

News You Should Know

[Week in Ethereum News] Reuters: Exclusive: Global banks scrutinize their Hong Kong clients for pro-democracy ties

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Global wealth managers are examining whether their clients in Hong Kong have ties to the city’s pro-democracy movement, in an attempt to avoid getting caught in the crosshairs of China’s new national security law, according to six people with knowledge of the matter.

Bankers at Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN.S), HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA.L), Julius Baer Gruppe AG (BAER.S) and UBS Group AG (UBSG.S), among others, are broadening scrutiny under their programs that screen clients for political and government ties and subjecting them to additional diligence requirements, these people said.

The designation, called politically exposed persons, can make it more difficult or altogether prevent people from accessing banking services, depending on what the bank finds about the person’s source of wealth or financial transactions.

The checks at some wealth managers have involved combing through comments made by clients and their associates in public and in media, and social media posts in the recent past, these people said. The new law prohibits what Beijing describes broadly as secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces, with up to life in prison for offenders.

Read the full text here:

The Tatiana Show Ep. #268: Let’s Talk Tokens With Adam B. Levine

After discussing some important information regarding purchasing Bitcoin, CoinDesk editor, Adam B. Levine discusses the advent of the Tatiana Coin and intention behind tokens in modern commerce. Referencing many projects Adam and Tatiana Moroz participated in, the discussion leads to real world examples of where token technology and blockchain technologies can improve the quality of life and commerce… when used correctly. Adam also discussed the many use cases explored at including e-commerce, NFTs, and the advantages of various blockchains.

Listen here: 

Roaring Fans

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