The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 71 — Binance widget now available on Android (1.17), AMA w/ VP of Engineering (highlights), Brave seeking experienced QA Engineer (Apply today!)

Announcement: Binance Widget Now Available on Android (1.17), Allowing Easy Trading, Buying, and Managing of Cryptocurrency

Today’s Brave Android browser update (version 1.17) features the Binance widget, which is already available to Brave desktop users and was the first exchange-browser integration of its kind last April. Brave Android users can now seamlessly trade and manage cryptocurrency assets, all without leaving their mobile browser.

Binance is the global blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and users, and Brave recently passed 20 million monthly active users and 7 million daily active users. This year, the browser also became the #1 rated browser in Google Play. The integration of the Binance widget directly into the Brave Android browser allows millions of users to access or Binance.US and makes accessing cryptocurrency seamless.

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Highlights: AMA with Brian Clifton, VP of Engineering at Brave

The ongoing AMA series is an opportunity for our users and fans to get to know the Brave team, to chat with them directly, and to illuminate the work and contributions of our team members. (Work that, in many cases, takes place largely behind the scenes.)   

Most recently, we were joined by Brian Clifton, VP of Engineering at Brave, who spent the afternoon fielding both pre-submitted and live questions from the Community on Reddit. Brian cheerfully retold the story of how he came to join Brave in 2016 while the company was still in its infancy; revealed what he views as his most meaningful contributions to the project to date (he was one of the engineers leading the migration from Brave’s old back-end architecture, known as “Muon”, to Brave Core); and discussed improvements, additions, and new features coming to Brave in the not-so-distant future, such as highly-requested vertical tabs. Brian spoke about some of his passions outside of work, which include spending quality time with his family and restoring older cars, and offered some advice on navigating the job force (and workplace), the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and reaching out for help when you need it. 

See the highlights here: 

Read the full AMA:

Brave CTO Brian Bondy on Twitter: “We are looking for an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer at Brave. We’d love to work with you 🦁”

Brian Bondy, Brave CTO

Apply (and see other job openings) here:

Update your Brave desktop browsers to v1.17, and check out the pretty new tipping banner! ✨

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This Week in Sponsored Images

This week, Brave welcomes BitBuy, and to the New Tab Page, and welcomes back returning sponsors PayPal, Purple, eToro,, BitPay and AAX! 

Our ever-expanding list of New Tab Page sponsors includes: Verizon, Intel, Newegg, Western Digital, The Home Depot, Chipotle, Khan Academy, and more. 

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Brave Creator Spotlight (in partnership with Everipedia

Muro Crypto (YouTube channel) 

Muro Crypto is an investor, trader, and CryptoTwitter personality of Turkish descent who is best known for his self-titled YouTube channel and its crypto-related content. Muro Crypto (the channel) includes technical analyses, market updates, and trading tutorials for seasoned crypto fans and beginners alike! 

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Client Updates

Desktop Nightly Channel v1.19.24

Desktop Dev Channel v1.18.59

Desktop Beta Channel v1.18.57

Desktop release channel v1.17.73

Brave for Android v1.17 

Available from the Play Store.  

Stay ahead of bugs and benefit from all the latest updates & fixes by keeping your Brave browser updated to the latest version at all times.  

To update your Brave browser on desktop, go to brave://help. On mobile, if you don’t receive updates automatically, you can manually update your Brave browser app from the Play or iOS App Stores.

Brave Team Tweets

Brian Clifton, VP of Engineering
Marshall Culpepper, Principal Engineer
Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development
Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations
Harold Spencer Jr, Sr. DevOps Engineer

BAT/Brave in the News

CNet: Google gets web allies by letting outsiders help build Chrome’s foundation

Google is loosening control over the core of its Chrome browser, a move that helps Microsoft, Samsung and Brave build competitors while advancing the search giant’s vision of the web.

Over the past six months, Google welcomed a new outside developer into the leadership of its Chromium project, the software that powers the similarly named browser. The Alphabet subsidiary is also granting outsiders access to its previously proprietary software development system and allows outside features even when Google doesn’t incorporate them into the flagship Chrome browser.

Read the full text here: 

MobileSyrup: Brave for Android update brings Binance cryptocurrency widget to New Tab page

Brave browser’s latest Android update is bringing the ‘Binance’ widget to its mobile browser.

Binance if a blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider and runs one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume and users. Brave on desktop added the Binance widget last April, which lets users view a summary of their Binance account balances, make deposits, convert from one asset to another and buy or sell crypto assets. 

With Brave for Android version 1.17, the Binance widget will be available on mobile, granting Android users access to the same functions as on desktop. That means viewing Binance accounts, making deposits and more. The Binance widget shows up on the New Tab page, just like on desktop. Android users will need to click ‘Connect’ on the widget and authenticate with their Binance account to link the widget. If users choose to disconnect at a later date, they can select that option from the widget’s drop-down menu.

Read the full text here: 

News From Our Partners

WIN: Enter TAP Network’s sweepstakes with BAT for a chance to win a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X, or $200 gift card for Amazon or Walmart

TAP Network is kicking off the first of several pre-Black Friday events with deals that you need to check out. Enter now for your chance to win just in time for Black Friday!

All Brave users with Uphold-verified wallets are eligible to participate in TAP Network’s ongoing sweepstakes. To view open sweepstakes and enter, head over to the TAP Marketplace Sweepstakes page, select your desired sweepstakes, and enter and enter as many times as you desire!

Other sweepstakes offerings from TAP include one-of-a-kind music experiences, limited-edition sports gear and memorabilia, digital gift cards from hundreds of retailers including brands like Amazon, Gamestop, Nintendo, and more.

If you haven’t verified your Brave Rewards wallet yet, the TAP marketplace provides a range of options for you to redeem your earned BAT for gift cards, sweepstakes, and to support causes like Know Your Rights Camp and #HashtagLunchbag!

Visit the TAP Rewards Market for Brave Users:

News You Should Know

Crypto News Podcast (Hosted by Evan Van Ness) Ep. 4: DeFiDad 

ZapperFi’s Chief DeFi Officer DefiDad does a decent bit of interviews himself, so I put him on the other side of the mic and get his story.

Tune in here: 

Bankless: How to maximize your Ledger

Dear Bankless Nation,

Safely storing your crypto is an essential skill for anyone on the bankless journey.

Trusting centralized exchanges to custody your crypto portfolio isn’t smart. Hacks, outages, and services pauses can happen at any time. Exchanges are like public bathrooms—you use them, then you get out.

To take full control of your money in this new frontier you need to learn how to store your crypto assets in a way that balances security with ease of use.

That’s where Ledger comes in. They have one of the industry-leading hardware wallets so you can self-custody all of your crypto assets with peace of mind. And for those avid DeFi users, Ledger can integrate with Metamask so you can access your favorite Ethereum apps and yield farms. (They’re even adding DeFi to Ledger Live! 🔥)

Also…and this is awesome…Ledger just released a firmware update to their newest wallet that supports Eth2 deposits! 🔥 A great tool for stakers making their deposits.

Bottomline: there are only a few items I consider required equipment for your bankless journey and a Ledger hardware wallet is one of them.

So let’s learn how to use it.

Read the full post here: 

Hashoshi: Ethereum 2.0 will be delayed, BTC bull run, & crypto news! // Crypto Over Coffee ep 40

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down why Ethereum 2.0 is not looking likely to launch on December 1st and how Ethereum can solve the slow deposit problem, along with talk about Bitcoin’s (BTC) price surge recently and what it might mean for a crypto bull run.

Tune in: 

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