BAT Community Weekly Update: 06/07/2019 to 06/13/2019 — Guest AMA with Daniel Gouldman (CEO) and Ian Kane (COO) of Ternio, Supporting the Web Privacy Community (blog), Brendan Eich (CEO) featured in Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! Thank you to Dan Murphy for his contributions!

AMA RECAP: Special Guest AMA with Daniel Gouldman (CEO), and Ian Kane (COO), Founders and Co-owners of Ternio

BLOG: Brave recruits Ryan ‘FanBoy’ Brown, top maintainer of EasyList & EasyPrivacy, FanBoy Adblock Lists, to help support growth of ad blocking/tracker filter lists and web privacy community

Brave will be supporting the Web privacy community by funding and supporting the growth and maintenance of tracking and advertising blocking filter lists. Brave uses many such lists, some of which Brave maintains, some developed through online communities (EasyList and EasyPrivacy), and some generated by other terrific Web privacy activists.  Filter lists help prevent websites from sharing your information with advertisers and trackers, make websites load faster, and save you data.

Brave will be contracting with Ryan Brown (aka “FanBoy” of “Fanboy Adblock Lists”) to support his work maintaining EasyList and EasyPrivacy.  Ryan is currently the top committer to these lists, and has been maintaining them as a volunteer.

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