BAT Community Weekly Update: 08/17/2019 to 08/23/2019 — BAT/Brave adds tipping support for Reddit + Vimeo, Brave partners with Yubico (YubiKey) to offer phishing-resistant authentication to users, Brave 69Xs ad-blocker performance with new engine implementation in Rust

Welcome to this week’s BAT Community Update! Thank you to Dan Murphy for his contributions! 

RELEASE: More tipping is here for Reddit and Vimeo!

Now you can tip your favorite creators on Vimeo & Reddit with BAT! Today’s @brave desktop browser update (0.68.131) adds those 2 platforms to the ones we already support: YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, & of course online publishers. 

PARTNERSHIP: Brave partners with Yubico to support their new YubiKey 5Ci and offer secure phishing-resistant authentication via robust security keys on iPhones & iPads

Earlier this summer, Brave and Yubico announced a partnership to bring YubiKey support to Brave for iOS. Yubico is the leading provider of hardware security keys which use the U2F and WebAuthn protocols to provide secure phishing-resistant authentication for online logins. The new YubiKey 5Ci incorporates both Lightning and USB-C connectors, making it compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices as well as laptop & desktop hardware.

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