AMA: Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations at Brave — Oct. 31, 2018

Born and raised in a quiet little town, I didn’t get a computer until I was old enough to drive. I managed to persuade my mother to buy a one “for homework,” when all I really wanted to do was play Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II :blush:

Soon after getting a computer and putting in a few hours on the MSN Gaming Zone (RIP), I began to explore the game more closely, learning that I could modify some of its logic. I found that when I open the logic for a gun, there was a bullet.3do reference. Opening the logic for a map, I’d find references to things like door.3do. What happens if I replace ‘bullet’ with ‘table’? This curiosity kicked off my career in programming.

I started web development in the mid-to-late 90s. Geocities was all the rage, and Flash/Shockwave was eating the web. I remember viewing the source for a Star Wars website where I found a reference to movie.swf. At the time, I was so naïve about the Internet that I thought “swf” meant Star Wars File.

After grinding through the industry for about a decade, Stack Overflow was created. I became moderator #004, and spent an inordinate amount of time reading, and responding to questions. This presented an opportunity to work with some jQuery contributors. That position eventually turned into an opportunity to work at Microsoft on the Internet Explorer (soon to be Edge) team.

I began hearing about Brave in 2015 and wound up speaking at a conference in Brazil with Brendan soon thereafter. After learning more about the evolution of digital ads and tracking on the web, and what role Brave Software could play in reforming the industry, I took the first chance I found to join the effort in 2016.

Today I am in Developer Relations, which means I work to help developers in the broader community understand how they can leverage efforts, as well as how they can contribute to the project itself. I try not to limit myself to only developer topics though; I lend a hand wherever and whenever I can be useful.

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